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Associate Professor
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Graduation: Pondicherry University, 2006.
Postgraduation: Dr.NTR University of Health Sciences, Andhra Pradesh, 2010


Author of the book: Embalming and Whole-body Donation. A practical Guide

Research Publications:        

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Conferences & Workshops Conducted:

  • Resource person and organising committee member for “National Workshop on Basic Techniques in Fluorescence Microscopy” conducted by Department of Anatomy, held on 22/04/2016 at JAC, JIPMER, Puducherry.
  • Resource person and organising committee member for “National Workshop on Comet Assay Technique and its Applications” conducted by Department of Anatomy, held on 23/02/2018- 24/02/2018 at JAC, JIPMER, Puducherry.
  • Resource person and organising committee member for “National Workshop on Micrometry in microscopic image analysis using software” conducted by Department of Anatomy, held on 29/09/2018 at JAC, JIPMER, Puducherry.
  • Organising secretary for Advanced Hands on cadaveric course on Laparoscopic Gastrointestinal surgery held on 07/12/2019-08/12/2019, at JAC, JIPMER, Puducherry, conducted by Department of Surgical Gastroenterology and Anatomy.
  • Organising secretary for Advanced Hands on cadaveric course on Liver Harvesting and Liver Resection Techniques held on 22/02/2020-23/02/2020, at JAC, JIPMER, Puducherry, conducted by Department of Surgical Gastroenterology and Anatomy with Leeds Teaching Hospital, NHS Trust-UK.
  • Course faculty for 2nd Cadaveric course on Local, Regional and Distant flaps, Brachial Plexus Surgery, Introduction to Microsurgery held on 07/03/2020-08/03/2020, at JAC, JIPMER, Puducherry, conducted by Department of Plastic Surgery and Anatomy.
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