Dr. Sunitha.V.C

Dr. Sunitha.V.C
Additional Professor and Head
Medical Registration number: 
TC Medical Council 26212
Academic Qualifications: 


Special Area of Interest: 
Women’s imaging, Fetal Imaging, Image guided Breast interventions
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  26. Contributed a Book Chapter on” Imaging of Placenta “in the Textbook of Radiology by IRIA; Elsevier Publishers (under editing stage) 

Positions Held: 

1. Head of Department of Radiodiagnosis, JIPMER, since July 2021
2. Governing Council Member, Breast Imaging Society of India since October 2021
3. Member of Specialty Board in Fetal Radiology, National Board of Examinations in Medical Sciences since December 2021

Special Clinics: 

1. Breast Interventions-Monday,Wednesday and Friday
2. Obstetric USG -Tuesday and Thursday