JSAC Meeting

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S. No. Title Downloads
1 Minutes – 2nd Meeting of JSAC Internal Committee held on 25-04-14 Download (1001.82 KB) pdf
2 Minutes of 12th Meeting of JSAC Download (1.12 MB) pdf
3 Minutes of first meeting of JSAC internal committee Download (970.77 KB) pdf
4 Minutes of the eleventh meeting of Jipmer Scientific Advisory Committee, held on 21-02-2014 Download (1.09 MB) pdf
5 JASAC – Minutes of JIPMER Scientific Advisory Sub-Committee held on 27th January, 2014 Download (156.88 KB) pdf
6 Minutes of Tenth JSAC Meeting Download (1.19 MB) pdf
7 Minutes of Ninth JSAC Meeting Download (989 KB) pdf