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The JIPMER Students’ Association is an integral part of the JIPMER community. Its board members are elected officials from within the undergraduate body every year. The association is overseen by the college administration through the efforts and support of the Staff Advisor (now called Vice-Dean-Student Affairs).

The association involves itself in many activities for students, faculty, alumni, staff members, the hospital and the neighboring community. Outreach programs to the community include support to orphanages, education initiatives for the underprivileged, financial aid to disaster-struck areas, blood donation drives, and community education. Cultural programs are regularly organized by the JSA, involving active participation by both students and faculty. The JSA continues to promote student welfare initiatives, improving the status of the campus for current and future generations of students.

Our Event

JIPMER Spandan 2023

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Spandan- a weeklong extravaganza, where sunshine and moonlight blend into one, where adrenaline is the sole sustenance, where medicos all over the country compete to prove their mettle in South India’s biggest medical college fest.

Begin your voyage on the 28th of August, and reach your destination on September the 3rd. Contest competitions of sport in Le Jeaux, show off your artistic flair in Le Beaux-Arts, riposte with riveting rebuttals at Les Litteraires, let loose your academic prowess at La Lutte, and kick back relax and enjoy the fun in Les Informelles.

Don’t miss the stars of this Bonanza, the Pro Shows and Spandan’s classic ramp walk, the Dernier Cri. Join us down the east coast, and create irreplaceable memories. Because after all, it’s the journey that matters, or rather, The Odyssey.

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