The Jipmer Alumni Association (JAA) is the alumni organization of Jipmerites. JAA Annual meet is held in the month of August (first Sunday of August) each year. The annual meet of the JAA brings together Jipmerites from all over the world for a weekend of nostalgia, relaxation and fun. The silver jubilee and golden jubilee meetings are held during the annual JAA meet.  Website - https://jaa.jipmer.net

Jipmernet (www.jipmer.net) is an online virtual community where alumni from all over the globe are active participants. The facebook page of alumni group is at https://www.facebook.com/groups/642291132485041

Several regional alumni organizations exist.

  • The Jipmer Alumni Association of North America (JAANA) is the alumni organization of Jipmerites in North America. Among its activities is the biennial meet that is held in the later part of the year.The website for JAANA is at jaana.jipmer.net
  • The Jipmer Alumni Association of the United Kingdom (JAAUK) is the alumni organization of Jipmerites in the United Kingdom. Among its activities is the annual meet that is held in the later part of each year. The website for JAAUK is at jaauk.jipmer.net
  • The Jipmer Alumni Association of North India (JAANI) is the alumni organization of Jipmerites in North India, predominantly in the Delhi-NCR region. The website for JAANI is at jaani.jipmer.net
  • The Jipmer Alumni Association of Chennai (JAACH) is the alumni organization of Jipmerites in Chennai. The website for JAACH is at jaach.jipmer.net.
  • The Jipmer Alumni Association of South-East Asia & Oceania (JAASEAO) is the alumni organization of Jipmerites in South-East Asia.The website for JAASEAO is at jaaseao.jipmer.net


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Vice President 
Dr. K. Subashini

Dr. Sreerag K.S

Ex-Officio Members

Executive Committee 
Dr. Elamurugan TP

For queries, Please contact

Dr Sreerag  K S 
Secretary JAA
Additional professor 
Urology JIPMER

Dr Hemachandren M

Treasurer JAA
Additional professor 

Dr  Elamurugan TP

Executive  Member JAA

Additional Professor General surgery JIPMER


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To the cherished memory of our beloved leader, the late Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the most ardent champion of democracy, we humbly dedicate our efforts


We, the alumni of JIPMER, inspired by the fond memories of the happy days at our Alma mater with aspirations to establish a non-profit organisation and maintain the ties that bind us together, dedicating our efforts to enhance the fair name of our institution and to provide a forum for academic, charitable and social interactions among its members and the alma mater, do hereby give ourselves this constitution.


Article I : Name

The Name of the Association shall be JIPMER ALUMNI ASSOCIATION (JAA), herein after referred to as the “Association”.

Article II: Association

  • Section 1:
    • The Association is formed exclusively for academic, cultural and charitable purposes governed under Societies Registration Act, 1860
  • Section 2:
    • The Association is not organised for profit and will not hold any shares.

Article III: Purpose

  • To establish and maintain a common platform for all those who did undergraduate and/or postgraduate courses in JIPMER
  • To conduct social and scientific programs to promote learning and ensure wellbeing of the students and alumni
  • To maintain a mutual beneficial relationship and to contribute to the welfare of our almamater
  • To support our Almamater in the care of needy patients especially at times of crisis
  • To engage in activities that promotes the welfare of fellow human beings in times of distress, in India or countries abroad, without racial or cultural discrimination.
  • To facilitate scientific exchange of medical knowledge between the Association and the students and faculty at JIPMER; to encourage new and ongoing research and educational activities by the members and to share their expertise with their fellow members as well as with JIPMER.


The Association is organized and shall be operated exclusively for charitable, educational, and cultural purposes and no part of the net earnings of the Association shall be used to the benefit of or be distributable to its members, directors, officers, or other private persons, except that the Association shall be authorized and empowered to pay reasonable remuneration for services rendered and to make payments and distributions in furtherance of the purpose set forth above.

Article IV: Membership _ Eligibility criteria

  1. There are two types of membership categories – Associate member and Life member
  2. Any undergraduate or postgraduate who has joined a medical degree course viz., MBBS, MD/MS/M.Sc/DM/Mch in our Institute is an Associate member of the association. Production of Institute ID card is needed to register as an Associate member.
  3. Any undergraduate or postgraduate who has completed the above mentioned courses is eligible to become a Life member of the Association.
  4. An applicant will need to have submitted the degree certificate of undergraduation or postgraduation on completion of their respective courses and paid membership fees before being given life membership.
  5. Any life member who resigns or is expelled from the Association shall waive all the rights and privileges stipulated in this Constitution, by­laws and amendments including the right to representation with the administration through this Association. No fees already paid will be refunded.

Article V: Rights, privileges and benefits of Members

Section A. A life member of the Association shall have the following rights and privileges

  1. To exercise the right to vote on all issues relating to the proceedings of the Association such as: General assemblies, meetings and at elections.
  2. Freedom of expression in General Body.
  3. Take part in activities of Association.
  4. Bring up motions of no confidence against any elected representatives or vote of censure or contempt of the General Body against any member of association.
  5. To be informed of all the policies, programmes of the association
  6. An associate member can participate in all events of the association but do not have the right to vote / bring up motions of no confidence.

Section B. An associate member/ life member of the Association shall get the following benefits:

  1. To participate in all the events of the Association – viz. Annual meet, annual orations by experts from various fields, webinars/seminars.
  2. Travel grant – Four selected original research in a year (1stAugust to 31st july of next year) will be partially funded for presentation in National/International conferences after scrutiny and selection by a sub-committee formed by Executive committee. The committee will meet every Quarterly to scrutinise the proposals.
  3. Best three original articles published in a year (1stAugust to 31st july of next year) upon submission to the Alumni office will be scrutinised every july, by a sub-committee formed by Executive committee, prize money and certificate will be awarded during the yearly General Body meeting in August.
  4. The limit of prize money awarded is subject to availability of funds.

Article VI:  Duties and responsibilities of life members.

  1. To uphold and abide by all the provisions of this Constitution, bylaws and amendments
  2. Every member is expected to attend the General Body meeting preferably in person or atleast online.
  3. To participate and support all activities, programs or any project of the Association.
  4. To pay all the mandated fees and dues, and other contributions approved by the members/committees of the Association to meet the financial needs of the Association
  5. To engage in online discussion forums recommended or maintained by the Association

Article VII: Structure and composition of the Association

The Association shall be composed of - Executive committee and General body

Section A: Executive Committee

Shall consist of

  1. PATRON (Director)
  2. President
  3. Vice President
  4. Secretary
  5. Treasurer
  6. Joint Secretary
  7. Representatives of  S.A ( President & Vice President)/JRDA (President)

Section B:      Functions of the Executive committee:

  1. shall be the Governing Body of the Association and in them shall be vested the powers of managing the affairs of the Association in accordance with the Memorandum of the Association, the Constitution and the By-laws of the Association.
  2. It shall implement the Constitution, bylaws of the Association, other guidelines and policies approved from time to time by the association.
  3. All decisions taken at the Executive Committee meetings shall be by a majority vote, in the event a tie the President shall exercise his casting vote.
  4. In case of emergency, the Executive Committee has the power to make decision for the General Body and immediately, notify at the official JAA website.
  5. The Executive Committee can invite any person to attend the meeting with the permission of the President. They will however not have the right to vote.
  6. The proceedings of the meeting will be conducted by the President and recorded by the Secretary.
  7. The executive committee shall be considered the final authority regarding the interpretation of constitution at all times.
  8. shall recommend, from time to time, the rate of subscription and shall take appropriate steps to get the revised rates entered in the By-laws of the Association.
  9. shall frame by-laws in harmony with the Rules and Regulations for the smooth functioning of the Association and shall take steps to delete, and after or add to the Rules & Regulations and by the By-laws as and when necessary, in accordance with the prescribed procedures, with a view to attaining all or any of the Objects of the Association which will be presented to the General body.
  10. shall have the authority to issue certificates, give prizes / awards, or confer honors, if and when deemed fit.
  11. shall have the authority to engage such officials or other staff persons, paid or honorary, as may be found necessary for the proper conduct or management of the affairs of the Association in keeping with its Objects.
  12. The Executive Committee or any of its members shall not be held responsible for the damage to or loss of any property or fund of the Association incurred as a result of any action taken in good faith.
  13. Except as herein otherwise specifically stated, the decision of the Executive Committee on matters of the Association shall be final.



  1. The President shall convene the meetings in consultation with the Secretary.
  2. Shall be responsible for conducting all the functions of the Association.
  3. Shall be responsible for the proper functioning of the various offices of the Executive Committee.
  5. Shall take over the duties of the President in his/her absence or at his/her request.
  6. Shall assist the President to carry out his/her duties.


  1. Shall be responsible for arranging all the functions of the Association.
  2. Shall file the minutes of the Executive committee Meeting
  3. Shall maintain the minutes of the General Body Meeting which shall be read in the next general body meeting.
  4. Shall post on the official JAA website the report of the proceedings of the Executive Committee Meeting within ,48 hours of the meeting.


  1. Shall take over the duties of the General Secretary in his/her absence or at his/her request.
  2. Shall assist the General Secretary to carry out his/her duties.


  1. Shall draw up the budget in consultation with the other members of the Executive Committee and shall be responsible for the maintenance of the detailed accounts of the association and for the presentation of the same to the General Body.
  2. Shall not accept any account which he/she deems improper. All such accounts shall be referred to the Executive committee.
  3. Shall maintain a bank account and all such accounts shall be in the name of Jipmer Alumni Association and shall be jointly operated by President, General Secretary & Treasurer.


Shall assist the Executive committee in the smooth running of the Association.

Section D: The following are the qualifications of Executive committee officers 1. Must be an alumni member

  • Must not be holding any high administrative position. (president/director of the institute, medical superintendent, dean)


  1. Will be held every 2 years at the annual General Body meeting
  2. The nominations, voting and handing over charges shall be conducted during the General Body by the outgoing President.
    1. Voting shall be conducted by show of hands.
    2. All nominations must be duly proposed and seconded by any 2 members of the association who are eligible to vote for the elections. Each nomination shall be countersigned by the nominee in the presence of the President.
    3. No member car be nominated to more than one office in the same year.
    4. Only member expected to reside in Pondicherry/in and around Pondicherry who can attend all the executive meetings without fail for the period of term of office shall be eligible to contest the elections.
    5. In the event of there being no nominations for a given post the President can nominate a member of the Association to the post during the General Body, after the handing over.



  1. The purpose of general body meeting is as follows
  2. To report to the members the activities, accomplishments, issues and information related to the JFA
  3. To consult with the members the issues and to decide on major actions to be undertaken by the Association.
  4. To inform and update the body and explain any urgent actions/decisions that was undertaken by the Executive Committee
  5. To attend to, discuss, and deliberate any other matters that are of interest to the members of the Association.
  6. The General Body shall be supreme authority of the Association whence the Executive Committee derives its powers.
  7. It shall, by simple majority, function as the final arbiter in disputes arising out of differing interpretations of the Constitution.
  8. The General Body has all the powers to appoint as many subcommittees for execution of special tasks / projects of the Association.



           . 1The meeting shall be €exclusively for members.

  1. It shall he held once a year-the 1st Sunday of August along with the Annual dinner.
  2. The proceedings of the meeting will be conducted by the President.
  3. Any suggestions should be sent in writing to the President by the 25th of June of the concerned year.
  4. The Agenda will be published in the JAA official website before the General Body meeting
  5. English shall be the medium of expression.
  6. Subjects other than those in the agenda may be brought up for discussion with the permission of President.
  7. The members shall express their opinion on the subjects under discussion with the permission of the President.
  8. The discussions stand closed when the propositions are called for, but the President at his/her discretion may permit clarifications regarding the propositions on the floor.
  9. A majority of at least one vote is required for a proposition to be passed.
  10. In the event of a tie, the President shall call for a revote. In case the revote also results in a tie, the President may exercise the casting vote.
  11. The decisions made in one General Body Meeting are not alterable in the same meeting.
  12. Minutes of the General Body Meeting shall be maintained by the Secretary and presented at the subsequent General Body Meeting.
  13. The President shall adjourn the meeting when he/she deems it fit.
  14. All members of the Association can vote at the General Body Meeting.
  15. The quorum for the meeting will be a minimum of twenty five percent members from Pondicherry and 25% through online.

Article VIII: Income and funds of the Association 

  1. A minimum of Rs.1000/- for a single member and Rs.1500/- for couple, for members residing in India and and an equivalent of 100US$ for a single member and 150US$ for couple, for all members residing abroad shall be the association fee.
  2. The Money remitted [in any form whatsoever] should be payable to: - The Treasurer, JIPMER ALUMNI ASSOCIAI ION, Pondicherry)-605006, INDIA.
  3. The membership fee may be revised during the General body meeting by a simple majority
  4. SBI collect / QR code
  5. Funds coming from sponsored projects, gifts and/or donations

Use of funds :

  1. None of the income or property of JFA may be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividend bonus or otherwise by way of profit to any member of the Association
  2. Funds shall be withdrawn only by an authorized cheque signed by two of three designated official members, one of whom is designated treasurer. The other other two will be the president or secretary.
  3. The JIPMER Alumni Association will be a non­profit organisation
  4. The treasurer should ensure that reasonable expenses of the JFA should not exceed 5% of the corpus fund annually.
  5. Funds should not be kept or routed through personal bank accounts.



AII official announcements, including those calling for the General Body Meeting shall be published on the JAA official website.

Article X: Discipline of Officers and members


  1. May be brought up against any of the elected office bearer of the Association.
  2. A petition stating a lack of confidence in the Executive Committee or the individual members of the Executive Committee should be signed by not less than 30% of the members of the Association and handed over to the President five days before the General Body Meeting.
  3. A petition of vote of no-confidence on the€ president/ vice President signed by not less than 30% of the members of the association should be handed over to the president or vice president whoever is not involved in the motion five days before a General Body meeting.
  4. A vote of no confidence is carried out in the house when it is voted for by 5l% of the members of the Association, present in the GB.
  5. The length of suspension or other disciplinary measures shall be determined by the executive committee and shall be approved by the members in same session as affirmative no­confidence voting.


  1. May be passed from the floor against any office bearer of the association in reference to his or her duties.
  2. For a vote of censure to be passed a majority of a minimum of 50% of the members of the Association present in the G.B should vote for it.


  1. Any member
    1. defying the constitution
    2. acting against any of the standing resolutions of the General Body or
  • acting in a manner contemptuous of the General Body shall be guilty of having committed contempt of the General Body.
  1. The President shall be the final authority in deciding whether a member has committed contempt of the General Body or not.
  2. Member found guilty of such a charge shall be penalised by the General Body as the later deems fit.
  3. The GB shall not expel any member.


  1. Any amendment to or revision of this Constitution may be proposed by:
  2. A) the Executive committee

B)The members upon petition of at least twenty percent (20%) of the total membership two weeks before the annual General body meeting.

  1. The executive committee will consider such proposals and the president shall present it to the general faculty body for approval or otherwise. 3. Any amendment/revision of this constitution shall be valid when ratified by a General Body Meeting.

Article XII: RESIGNATIONS & Dissolution

1.The resignation of elected office bearers should be handed over to the President.

  1. The Executive Committee shall nominate a member of the Association for the said post till the next General Body Meeting.
  2. The association can be dissolved if ¾ th of the members vote for the same in a meeting where majority (50% +1) of the members are present.
  3. In this eventuality, funds and assets of the association will be transferred to a charitable organisation after paying off any outstanding debts.

Article XIII: Indemnity

  • The Association shall indemnify any and all members of the Board or officers or any person who has served or shall serve at the Association's request or by its election as an officer, against expenses actually and necessarily incurred by them in connection with their duties and functions of the Association. This shall not apply if there is willful misconduct or misappropriation of the Association's funds or resources.
  • Neither any member of the Executive Committee nor any of the members of the Association shall be answerable to or held responsible for the loss or damage to any property or loss of any fund of the Association incurred as a result of any action taken in good faith, or for any error in judgment mere indiscretion on his part in the performance of his duties or otherwise except for willful negligence or fraud.

Article XIV: Logo

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