Dr Balaji
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Additional Professor
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Monday & Friday
Academic Qualifications: 

M.B.B.S. (AIIMS, New Delhi);
M.D. (Psychiatry) (NIMHANS, Bengaluru)

Special Area of Interest: 
Phenomenology & Psychopathology , Deaddiction & Early Intervention in Substance Use, Mood Disorders, Peripartum Psychiatry, Preventive Psychiatry , Yoga in Psychiatry,

Key publications grouped by area of interest:

Peripartum Psychiatry
(1) Dhiman, P., Pillai, R. R., Wilson, A. B., Premkumar, N., Bharadwaj, B., Ranjan, V. P., & Rajendiran, S. (2021). Cross-sectional association between vitamin B12 status and probable postpartum depression in Indian women. BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth21(1), 1-11.

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(3) Shah, Z., Pal, P., Pal, G. K., Papa, D., & Bharadwaj, B. (2020). Assessment of the association of heart rate variability and baroreflex sensitivity with depressive symptoms and stress experienced by women in pregnancy. Journal of Affective Disorders277, 503-509.

(4) Vengadavaradan, A., Bharadwaj, B., Sathynarayanan, G., Durairaj, J., & Rajaa, S. (2019). Translation, validation and factor structure of the Tamil version of the postpartum bonding questionnaire (PBQ-T). Asian journal of psychiatry40, 62-67.

(5) Vengadavaradan, A., Bharadwaj, B., Sathyanarayanan, G., & Durairaj, J. (2019). Frequency and correlates of mother-infant bonding disorders among postpartum women in India. Asian journal of psychiatry44, 72-79.

(6) Bharadwaj, B. (2019). Perinatal (Mother-infant) psychiatry in India: Now is the right time to talk. Indian Journal of Social Psychiatry35(1), 55.


(1) Vengadavaradan, A., Kuppili, P. P., & Bharadwaj, B. (2020). Pattern and trends of substance use at a tertiary care hospital in Puducherry. Indian Journal of Social Psychiatry36(2), 163.

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Mood disorders and related conditions

(1) Bhuvaneswari, K., Rabindran, P., & Bharadwaj, B. (2019). Prevalence of premenstrual syndrome and its impact on quality of life among selected college students in Puducherry. The National medical journal of India32(1), 17.

(2) Rajan, T. M., Bharadwaj, B., Rajkumar, R. P., & Adole, P. S. (2018). Frequency and correlates of tardive dyskinesia in Indian patients with type I bipolar disorder. Asian journal of psychiatry32, 92-98.

(3) Karthick, S., Kattimani, S., Rajkumar, R. P., Bharadwaj, B., & Sarkar, S. (2015). Long term course of bipolar I disorder in India: Using retrospective life chart method. Journal of affective disorders173, 255-260.

(4) Rajkumar, R. P., & Bharadwaj, B. (2014). Dhat syndrome: evidence for a depressive spectrum subtype. Asian journal of psychiatry9, 57-60.

Positions Held: 

(1) Life Fellow of Indian Psychiatric Society
(2) Life Fellow of Addiction Psychiatry Society of India
(3) Member of International Society for Addiction Medicine
(4) Member of International Marce Society for Perinatal Mental Health

Staff type: 
Special Clinics: 

<p><strong>(1) Deaddiction Clinic</strong> (for patients with alcohol and drug addiction - services include counseling and medications)</p>
<p><strong>(2) Alcohol &amp; Drug Abuse Prevention &amp; Treatment (ADAPT) Clinic</strong> (to provide early counseling to youth who have started using alcohol and drugs &ndash; to stop them from becoming addicted)</p>
<p><strong>(3) Peripartum Psychiatry Clinic</strong> (for Psychological problems during pregnancy and lactation)</p>