सामान्य जानकारी

JIPMER Blood Bank started functioning in the year 1966 in the new hospital block under Department of Pathology to cater to the needs of JIPMER hospital. In the initial period, only whole blood was available and annual turnover was around 600 units.

Blood component separation was started in the year 1988 with separation of 500 units of blood per annum. HIV testing and HCV testing of blood donors were started in the year 1988 and 2000 respectively. Plateletpheresis and plasma exchange programme using cell separator is made available from the year 2002.

Department of Transfusion Medicine was created in February’2009 with Dr. SP. Subbiah as Head of The Department and blood bank started functioning under this department. Post Graduate Course in Transfusion Medicine and Immunohaematology was started from the Academic year 2009-2010 with an intake of one student per annum.

Blood storage center was inaugurated in SS Block on 1st Oct’2009 to cater to the needs of super specialty branches. JIPMER Blood Bank has been recognized as Regional Blood Transfusion Centre and Model Blood bank by NACO. More than 60 voluntary blood donation camps are conducted annually and nearly 85% of the total collection is from voluntary blood donors. Present annual turnover is more than 12,000 units of blood and 95% of the total collection is separated into blood components such as PRBC, FFP, Platelets and Cryoprecipitate, Cryo Poor Plasma. Advanced procedures such as Plasma exchange, Platelet apheresis, Leucoapheresis etc., are being carried out in good numbers.

Blood bank issue section has been shifted from Old In-Patient block to new spacious Super Specialty Block on 24.02.2014.

We participate successfully in Christian Medical College, Vellore EQAS program in Blood grouping, Atypical Antibody screening and Identification and Crossmatching.

सामान्य जानकारी
1TM Form 1 – Blood Requisition formडाउनलोड (258.01 KB) pdf
2TM Form 2 – Blood Transfusion Consent formडाउनलोड (289.47 KB) pdf
3TM Form 3 – Compatibility & blood transfusion completion reportडाउनलोड (444.06 KB) pdf
4TM Form 4 – Check list for blood transfusionडाउनलोड (185.61 KB) pdf
5TM Form – 5 -Authorization form for issue of bloodडाउनलोड (412.99 KB) pdf
6JIPMER Resident’s manualडाउनलोड (1.77 MB) pdf
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