research committe
S. No. शीर्षक डाउनलोड
11 Last date for submission PG dissertation proposal- Dean research office circular डाउनलोड (1.22 MB) pdf
12 PGRMC Circular – Submission of revised PG dissertation Proposal 04.05.16 डाउनलोड (657.37 KB) pdf
13 PGMRC List of presentations डाउनलोड (793.21 KB) pdf
14 Convening of the Eighth Meeting of the Postgraduate Research Monitoring Committee-Schedule of Presentation-Reg 8.4.2016 डाउनलोड (618.15 KB) pdf
15 PGRMC Circular – Convening of Eighth meeting of PGRMC डाउनलोड (408.71 KB) pdf
16 Covering-letter-Revised-proposal-to-PGMRC डाउनलोड (17.59 KB) docx