Procedure to submit a research proposal to JSAC

  1. Research proposals by faculty
  2. Fill the proforma as per instructions given in it and leave out the sections that are not applicable to your research proposal.
  3. Submit the covering letter and proforma using OPMS under JSAC
research committe
S. No. शीर्षक डाउनलोड Date
1 Integrated-form-for-PG-research-protocols-Version-2.0-dated-22nd-October-2016 डाउनलोड (44.58 KB) docx 24/03/2018
2 Download the integrated proforma. This single form includes sections for JSAC, IEC (Human), and Intramural fund committee. डाउनलोड (696.53 KB) pdf
3 Download the covering letter. डाउनलोड (13.84 KB) docx