Extramurally funded

  1. Understanding the phenotypic and genetic variability in different clinically important blood group systems and its application in development of population specific red cell panels and rare donor registry (Multicenter study – ICMR funded)
  2. Extended blood group phenotyping and creating an Institutional based blood donor registry. (Funded by JAANA (JIPMER Alumni Association of North America))
  3. Serological identification and molecular characterization of RhD variants among apparently RhD negative individuals from South India


Intramurally funded

Following Post graduate thesis projects (dissertation works) are being carried out in this department at present.

  1. Changes in hematological parameters among donors after plateletpheresis
  2. Is dental care associated with a higher risk of Transfusion transmitted infections?
  3. To Study the Impact of maternal alloantibody titer on Hemolytic disease of fetus and newborn
  4. Safety and efficacy of umblical cord blood transfusion in Thalassemia
  5. Assessment of changes in the levels of anti-A and anti-B antibody titres in ABO incompatible Hematopoietic transplant recipients after transfusion of donor plasma having A and B secretory substances
  6. Amount and duration of menstrual blood loss and its association with ABO blood groups & non willebrand factor levels among females (18-30 years) - A cross sectional analytical study
  7. Impact of single alloantibody and multiple antibodies in pregnancy on fetal outcomes

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