Departmental Administration

Head of the Department who oversees the functioning and ensures seamless co ordination among the various units while also presiding over all the important events and activities held.

Consultant surgeon rank – Professor (senior scale) (1), Professors (4), Additional Professors(5), Associate Professors (4) and Assistant Professors (5) each of whom are allotted one of the 6 units and who monitor day to day activities of the unit and preside over the decision making process.

Senior Residents (22) look after 24 hour emergency duties and the admitted patients of their respective units under the monitoring of faculty. Co ordination among the junior residents, participation in tumor clinic, management of emergency surgical procedures fall under the ambit of these residents.

Junior Residents (67) form the ground level working force of the department providing daily care and monitoring of admitted patients. Timely execution of investigations, assistance in surgical procedures and participation in academic activities of the department come under the purview of junior residents who in turn report to the senior residents and above.

Department infrastructure includes one surgery office, two store rooms, 14 faculty rooms, one library and three surgical resident rooms. Surgery Office is located in the 2nd floor of Old Hospital block and functions as a link between the departmental and institutional administration. 1 stenographer aided by 2 peons and the storekeeper keeps a tab of the communications and documentations of the department.

Last Updated :05-Jul-2022