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The Department of Surgical Oncology in JIPMER was established in 2009 to cater to the growing need for world-class cancer care in South India.

The Surgical Oncology Department is located in the Super specialty block of the JIPMER. The awards function on the third floor, the ICU on the first floor of the inpatient wing and the OPD is located on the 1st floor of the outpatient wing.

With improving longevity, there has been a steady increase in the incidence and prevalence of cancer amongst our population. Modern lifestyle has brought with it its own perils – such as increased exposure to carcinogens. Pollution, processed food and changes in our lifestyle have contributed to the oncological load.

Advances in Medical facilities and surgical techniques at the start of the millennium have sparked the growth of this super-speciality. Surgical and medical oncologists were recognized as the appropriate personnel to provide holistic care for cancer afflicted patients. Slowly but surely, this division has become an important part of any hospital.

Vision & Mission

It has become imperative for leading medical institutions to wake up to the reality of delivering cancer care. JIPMER being a spearhead for medical care in South India instituted the Department of Surgical Oncology with the following ideals:

  • Establish a dedicated, compassionate and highly specialized team of medical personnel
  • Provide access to highest quality, multidisciplinary care for our patients under one roof
  • Offer facilities for screening, early diagnosis, staging and systematic treatment for every possible form of cancer
  • Provide effective follow-up for every patient with comprehensive medical records
  • Establish a system of palliative care services to aid those patients with advanced disease
  • Integrate cost-efficient medical and surgical practices in order to reduce the financial burden of the disease
  • Be at the forefront of oncological research and practice evidence-based oncological care
  • Improve awareness of cancer preventive measures amongst general public

Ultimately through the best practices, the Department of Surgical Oncology at JIPMER wants to improve the quality life of patients diagnosed with malignancies – either by providing the complete cure or by reducing the burden of the disease.

Department of Surgical Oncology : a story of sustained progress

The Department was established on 26th March 2009 with outpatient services offered from Super Specialty Block (SSB) and inpatient services offered with the support of the Department of Surgery.

The services were initiated with the joining of Dr.Aravind R as Assistant Professor in 2009 with Dr.K Srinivasan being appointed as the Officer in Charge. Inauguration of the Department in SSB held in 2010 ensured the setting out of fully fledged inpatient, outpatient, ICU, minor and major surgical oncology services. The inauguration was graced by Prof. K.V.S.K.Subbarao (Director 2009-12), Prof.A.K.Das (Medical Superintendent) and Prof.J.Balachander (Officer-in-Charge SSB) and Ms.P.Vasantha (Nursing Superintendent).

The Department has been steadily progressing ever since. The strength of the department has been the leadership and administrative support provided by the faculty of Department of Surgery and notably of Prof.T.S.Ravikumar, Director of JIPMER ever since he took over the reins as Head of the Department of Surgical Oncology.

Dr. Aravind resigned in April 2014. Ever since, Dr. Prasanth Penumadu, who joined as Assistant Professor in December 2013, has been instrumental in taking the Department of Surgical Oncology forward. He is ably assisted by Dr.Sindhu VA who joined the department as an assistant professor on the ad-hoc basis. Dr. Kadambari, Professor of General surgery, has been the officer-in-charge from May 2015 to June 2016 and has been a driving force behind the development of the department. Dr.K Srinivasan Professor of Surgery is currently the officer-in-charge of the department.

Initially, the Oncology course in JIPMER began with a non-academic senior resident. The inclusion of MCh surgical oncology course in the academic year 2013 -14 with an annual intake of two residents was a huge impetus. This has helped the department to emerge as a much sought-after destination for super-specialization. At present, the department has a professor of General surgery as an officer in charge, one assistant professor and seven MCh surgical oncology residents.

The Department is in its first decade and is gradually establishing itself as the premier destination for comprehensive cancer care in the country.

Surgical Oncology
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