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Postgraduate students of Pulmonary medicine department won multiple awards at Coimbatore Respiratory Conference (CRSCON-2023) held at Coimbatore from 4.8.23 to 6.8.23

  1. Zeenathalam Nadaf Final year MD Pulmonary medicine student won first prize for poster presentation. She presented a poster titled RESPIRATORY FAILURE AS THE FIRST PRESENTATION OF LIVER DISEASE-HEPATPULMONARY SYNDROME- A DIAGNOSTIC DIFFICULTY. The paper was co-authored by Dr.C.Sivaselvi, Dr.Balasubramanian, Dr.R.Manju and Dr.S.Vinodkumar
  2. Zeenathalam Nadaf also won third prize for oral presentation of her PG thesis titled PROGNOSTIC SIGNIFICANCE OF CT DETERMINED EMPHYSEMA SCORE IN SMOKERS WITH TREATMENT NAÏVE ADVANCED LUNG CANCER IN TERTIARY CARE INSTITUTE- A PROSPECTIVE COHORT STUDY. The coauthors of this study are Dr.Pratap Upadhya , Dr.Madhusmita Mohany Mohapatra, Dr.Prasanth Ganesan and Dr.A.Subathra
  3. Zeenathalam Nadaf also won second prize in the PG quiz
  4. Shivam Garg final year MD Pulmonary medicine resident won first prize in the oral presentation of his PG thesis titled DETERMINATION OF PREDICTORS OF POSTOPERATIVE PULMONARY COMPLICATIONS IN PATIENTS UNDERGOING ELECTIVE UPPER ABDOMINAL SURGERY: A PROSPECIVE OBSERVATIONAL STUDY. The co-authors are Dr.G.Vishnukanth, Dr.Dharm Prakash Dwivedi, Dr. T.P.Elamurugan and Dr.Kalayarasan
  5. Shivam Garg also won the third prize in poster presentation. He presented a poster titled OVERCOMING THE CHALLENGES OF MISDIAGNOSED RARE LUNG DISEASE- IDIOPATHIC PLEUROPARENCHYMAL FIBROELASTOSIS. The paper was co-authored by Dr.Pratap Upadhya, Dr.Norton Stephen, Dr.Arulkumar and Dr.Balasubramanian.
Last Updated :12-Aug-2023