Departmental Administration



Name Designation
Prof. Dr.S.Vinodkumar Professor Sr.Scale & Head
Dr. R. Manju Additional Professor
Dr. Dharm Prakash Dwivedi Additional Professor
Dr. Madhusmitha Mohanty Mohapatra Associate Professor
Dr. G.Vishnukanth Associate Professor
Dr. Pratap Upadhya Assistant Professor

Supporting Staff:

Supporting staff involved in patient care include a senior physiotherapist involved in pulmonary rehabilitation, a physiotherapy technician, BCG Technician, TB Health visitor, Medical social worker, an endoscopy technician and two lab technicians. Staff deputed from State Health department for NTEP include a NTEP medical officer, TB health visitor and a lab technician. The department is in the process of recruiting a full time PFT technician.. Office/ administrative staff include a stenographer grade2, one MTS, Peon and one LDC

Last Updated :12-Oct-2022