Funded research projects

⮚     Correlates of the suicide crisis syndrome in major depression: A multicentric exploratory study. (Ongoing, funded by Indian Psychiatric Society, PI – Dr Vikas Menon)

⮚     Substance Abuse and Mental Health Issue among the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) Community in India: A Study of Inter-Relationship between Mental Health disorders and Stress, Coping, Perceived Social Support, Occupation and Religiosity (Ongoing, funded by National Human Rights Commission, site PI – Dr Vikas Menon)

Non-funded research projects

  • Multinational study on assessing the Suicidal Crisis Syndrome (SCS) during the COVID-19 outbreak (ongoing, country PI - Dr Vikas Menon)

Publications - Indexed Journals :  Total number: 460

Key indexed publications in last two years:

  1. Fusar-Poli P, Salazar de Pablo G, Rajkumar RP, López-Díaz Á, Malhotra S, Heckers S, Lawrie SM, Pillmann F. Diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of brief psychotic episodes: a review and research agenda. Lancet Psychiatry. 2022 Jan;9(1):72-83. doi: 10.1016/S2215-0366(21)00121-8. Epub 2021 Nov 29. PMID: 34856200.
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  6. Vellekkatt F, Menon V, Rajappa M, Sahoo S. Effect of adjunctive single dose parenteral Vitamin D supplementation in major depressive disorder with concurrent vitamin D deficiency: A double-blind randomized placebo-controlled trial. J Psychiatr Res 2020;129:250-256. (Impact factor – 4.791)
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  9. Muruganandham P, Neelamegam S, Menon V, Alexander J, Chaturvedi SK. COVID-19 and Severe Mental Illness: Impact on patients and its relation with their awareness about COVID-19. Psychiatry Res 2020;291:113265. (Impact Factor – 222)
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Publications – Non-indexed journals

Total number: 131

Key non-indexed publications in last two years:

  1. Kishor M, Menon V, Vinay HR, Bhise MC, Isaac M, Chandran S, Kumar A, Nebhinani N, Gupta R, Dere SS, Kakunje A, Bharathi G, Ashok MV, Nischal A. COVID19 pandemic highlights the need to reconsider psychiatry training of Indian medical graduate. Indian J Health Allied Sci 2020;9(5):104-106.
  2. Kar SK, Arafat SMY, Menon V. A Bibliometric Analysis of Dhat Syndrome. Psychiatry Int 2021;2:379-385.
  3. Kar SK, Kabir R, Menon V, Arafat SMY, Prakash AJ, Saxena SK. Artificial intelligence in mental healthcare during COVID-19 pandemic. In: Nandan Mohanty S., Saxena S.K., Satpathy S., Chatterjee J.M. (eds) Applications of Artificial Intelligence in COVID-19. Medical Virology: From Pathogenesis to Disease Control. Springer, Singapore. (ISBN 978-981-15-7316-3)
  4. Menon V, Kuppili PP, Chandrasekhar L. Research in Psychodermatology. In Essentials of Psychiatry for Dermatology & Aesthetic practice. Eds Ashwini PK, Kishor M. Apsara Prakashana 2021. pp 207-219. (ISBN - 978-81-948549-6-8)
  5. Vengadavaradan, A., Kuppili, P. P., & Bharadwaj, B. (2020). Pattern and trends of substance use at a tertiary care hospital in Puducherry. Indian Journal of Social Psychiatry, 36(2), 163.

Awards and achievements

Dr Vikas Menon serves as the Deputy Editor of Indian Journal of Psychiatry, Chief Associate Editor of the Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine, and the Editor of International Journal of Advanced Medical and Health Research


Last Updated: 02 Feb 2022