This Department consists of four Units viz. Pre-Press, Printing, Binding and Stationery.

Pre –Press

In the Pre-Press unit the work needed to be undertaken before starting a Printing job. The Pre-Press jobs are categorised as minor soft copy correction, Proof checking, Master printing, Negative making and Plate making. These Pre-press jobs are being undertaken according to the printing machine to be utilised.


Nearly 250 different types of patient care forms are being printed in the Printing unit. Medical Records Department (MRD) is the main indentor of these hospital forms which is being printed by single colour offset machine, digital duplicator machines and digital printing machines. Apart from MRD requirements, this Printing Unit is printing the needs of clinical, non-clinical Departments/Sections. Moreover this Department is also satisfying the requirements of printing jobs for academic purpose and JIPMER Karaikal. Approximately two crores of hospital forms are being printed and supplied for use of this Institute annually.


All register work, stitching work and binding work of all the Departments are being carried out by the Binding Unit of this Department.  Every year this Department is playing a major role in printing of Annual Report, Research Day Souvenir, Convocation souvenir, various invitations, Calendars etc.


This Department is also engaging the procurement and distribution of the commonly usable stationery items like Paper, Pen, Registers, folders and other various items to OPD’s, Wards, OTs, Departments and Administrative Sections of this Institute.

Seals and Name boards

This Department is also arranging the requirements of rubber stamps, self-ink seals and name boards through outsource to the OPD’s, Wards, OTs, Departments and Administrative Sections.

Last Updated :20-Apr-2023