Department of Plastic Surgery

  1. ‘ICMR’s Short Term Research Project on Tuberculosis’. (Completed)
  1. ‘Plasma Fibronectin versus Clinical Scorings In Intra-Abdominal Infection’. (Completed)
  1. ‘Management of Fingertip Injuries’. (Completed)
  1. ‘Platysma Myocutaneous Flap In Head And Neck Reconstruction’. (Completed)
  1. ‘Primary Closure of Pressure Ulcers Revisited’. (Completed)
  1. ‘Role of Topical Solcoseryl In Wound Healing’. (Completed)
  1. ‘Fasciocutaneous Flaps in Lower Limb Reconstruction’. (Completed)
  1. ‘Role of Superoxides in Diabetic Foot Ulcers’. (Completed)
  1. ‘Nurses Knowledge and Performance of Wound Care in India’. (Completed)
  1. ‘Efficacy of Oxidized Water in Wound Preparation For Definite Reconstruction’. (Completed)
  1. ‘Efficacy of Biological Membrane in Management of Diabetic Foot Ulcers’. (Completed)
  2. ‘The Effectiveness of Papain Urea Dressing On Wound Healing’. (Completed)
  3. ‘Role of Silicone Gel in the Prevention of Hypertrophic Scars at Donor Site of Skin Grafting’. (Completed)
  1. ‘Role of Bone Scintigraphy in Chronic Wounds’. (Completed)
  1. ‘Role of Lymphoscintigraphy in Evaluation of Leg Swellings’. (Completed)
  1. ‘Autologous Platelet Rich Plasma versus Collagen Dressing’. (Completed)
  1. ‘Efficacy of Topical Local Anesthetics for Pain Relief in Acute Burn’. (Completed)
  1. ‘Assessment of DNA Damage in Children with – Cleft Lip & Cleft Palate’. (Completed)
  1. ‘Impact of Free Tissue Reconstruction on Quality Of Life among Patients with Head & Neck Cancer’. (Completed)
  1. ‘Determinants of the Outcome in Free Flaps in Cancer Patients – Prospective Clinical Study’. (Completed)
  1. ‘Efficacy Of Nd: Yag Laser In Comparison With Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) For Treatment Of Unwanted Body Hair A Randomized Clinical Trial’. (Completed)
  1. Intervelar Veloplasty Versus Conventional Repair In Cleft Patients. (Completed)
  1. ‘Efficacy Of 0.5 M Sodium Hydroxide in Decellularization Of human Amniotic Membrane’. (Completed)
  1. ‘Maternal MTHFR C677t Polymorphism In Children With Non Syndromic Orofacial Clefts’. (Completed)
  1. ‘Relation between Delay In Transportation And Inadequate Resuscitation With Burn Mortality’. (Completed)
  1. ‘Effect of Low Level Laser Therapy On Severity Of Post Burn Immature Scars – A Randomized Control Study’. (Completed)
  1. ‘Physical & Psychosocial Burden in Individuals with Deformity Due To Burn Injury’. (Ongoing)
  1. ‘Acceptability of Hand Transplantation in Patients With Acquired Loss Or Deformity Of Hand’. (Ongoing)
  2. ‘Profile, Quality Of Life and General Health Status Of Patients With Scars’. (Ongoing)
  1. ‘Pattern of Hand Injuries in Pediatric Population in JIPMER’. (Ongoing)
  1. ‘Physical & Psychosocial Burden in Individuals with Deformity Due To Burn Injury’. (Ongoing)
  1. ‘Comparative Efficacy, Safety and Tolerability of Silver Sulphadiazene Cream (Nanoized) 0.5 % W/W in the Prophylaxis of Infection in Burn Wounds- a Double Blind, Randomized, Pivotal Study’. (Ongoing)
  1. ‘Epidemiology of Hand Injuries in Paediatric Population in JIPMER’. (Ongoing)
  1. ‘Efficacy of Using A 3d Printing of Fabricating Surgical Implants’. (Ongoing)
  1. ‘Effectiveness of Absorbent Silicone Self-Adherent Dressing In Prevention of Pressure Ulcers Electrophysiological Profile among the Patients Undergone Surgery for Peripheral Nerve Injury’. (Ongoing)