Research Activities


-Anthropometric and Cephalometric Study in cleft lip and palate

-Normal mouth opening in children,

-Role of ventilating tube in middle ear problems in cleft children

-Management of Keloid – Homeopathy and Allopathy

-Post burn contracture scoring

-Raw area closure of cleft palate

-Chordee flap in hypopadias

-A new mould for vaginoplasty.

-Evaluation of effectiveness of LAD in the management of type-III A & Type-III B open fractures with extensive soft tissue loss

-Role of Limited Access Dressing in the management

Comparison of micro skin grafting and transplantation of known cultured melanocytes

Keratinocytes suspension for the treatment of stable vitiligo

Acceptability of hand transplantation in patients with acquired loss or deformity of hand.

Assessment of DNA damage in children with cleft lip and cleft palate.

Epidemiology of hand injuries in paediatric population in JIPMER.

Physical and Psychosocial burden in individuals with deformity due to burn injuries.

Efficacy of Injection of Platelet Rich Plasma in Z Plasty

Efficacy of topical local anaesthesia for pain relief in acute burns

  • -Association of Cleft lip and Palate with Handedness among patients with Cleft lip and Palate in
  • South Indian Population


  • Effect of Stromal Vascular Fraction of Lipoaspirate in tissue regeneration in patients with
    Atrophic Rhinitis, a double blind randomized control trial
  • Profile, Quality of life and General Health Status of Patients with Scars
  • Speech Handicap Index in Patients with Orofacial and Neck contracture

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