Department of Plastic Surgery

Academic Schedule

Time of Presentation
Moderator of the Week
MONDAY Journal Presentation (1st Year Sr)

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

TUESDAY Journal Presentation (1st Year Sr)
WEDNESDAY Seminar Presentation (2nd Year Sr)
THURSDAY Long Case Presentation (3rd Year SRs)
FRIDAY Short Case (3rd year SRs)
SATURDAY Instrument/Radiology/Specimen/Photograph/Procedure
(3rd Year SRs)
Theory exam
(For All SRs)
  • Journals/Seminars/Long Case/ Short Case should be presented by SRs to the Moderator of the week.
  • SRs must discuss one-week prior with Moderator of the week before choosing Seminar topic/Journal Article/Long Case/Short Case.
  • PPT of Seminar & Journal (including copy of article) should be emailed one day in advance to allSRs/Consultants.
  • If resident is on leave, he must exchange with other available SR and Class should not be cancelled.
  • If there is an official leave then presentation can be done one day prior or after the holiday but within the same week.
  • If Faculty is on leave, available faculty can be contacted for taking class after taking permission from the Moderator of the week & do not cancel the class.
  • Marks and Signature of the Moderator/Consultant should be taken on Assessment Proforma by SR who did the presentation

Ward round teachings, Minor OT teachings, Major OT teachings are carried out on a daily basis.

Simulation lab teaching: Microvascular simulation and practice lab, Wound simulation lab, Cleft Simulation lab

In addition, Classes for undergraduates (MBBS), Post Graduates (MS), Post Doc Fellow, OT Technician students are being conducted

Last Updated :16-Mar-2024