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Department of Physiology

The Department of Physiology is among the premier departments in JIPMER, started with the inception of the institute. The Physiology department is providing medical education and training to undergraduate and postgraduate medical students, and also to the students of various paramedical courses. Also, the department is involved in clinical investigations on electrophysiological diagnostic procedures, pulmonary functions tests and autonomic function tests for hospital patients. The department has four undergraduate laboratories, three clinical investigation cum research laboratories and four research laboratories.

The laboratories include Electrophysiology laboratory, Autonomic function testing laboratory, Pulmonary function testing laboratory, Exercise physiology laboratory, Animal research laboratory, Molecular physiology laboratory, Obesity research laboratory and Neurophysiology research laboratory. The busy laboratories devote morning 9.00 am to 4.30pm for research and academics and devote to patient care from 9.30 am onwards. 

The unique feature of the physiology department is that the electrophysiology laboratory is providing hospital services in patient management for more than thirty years. Also, research activities are conducted vigorously in various laboratories of the department. Department has a state of the art animal research laboratory. At the outset, the Physiology department of JIPMER has three unique domains. They are academics, research and patient care. The yoga research, therapy and training are important routine features of the department. The Advanced Center for Yoga Therapy, Training, Education and Research (ACYTER) of JIPMER is under the Department of Physiology.

Last Updated :01-Nov-2022