Pharmacy Office

The department office will be responsible for the general administration of the various sections. The Head Pharmacist will be the overall in charge of the department. All the activities relating to the procurement and dispensing of drugs is managed by the office under the guidance of the officer in charge of pharmacy.

The following works are carried out in the pharmacy office:

  1. Procurement of drugs and chemicals and distribution.
  2. Activities related to the tender process.
  3. Arrangements to convene the Drug Purchase Monitoring and Utilization Committee (DPMUC) meetings and Local Drug Purchase committee meetings.
  4. Issue of local purchase forms for the user departments and local purchase for the requests from the user departments.
  5. All the issues relating to the spirit license, drug license and narcotic license.
  6. Liaison with the suppliers, vendors, head of the departments and purchase department.
  7. Issue of ‘Not Available Certificates’ (NAC) for the staff members and their dependents.
  8. Uploading the quality problems in the JIPMER website (
  9. Periodical reporting about the narcotic items to the Assistant Commissioner, Food & Drugs Administration. Govt. of  Puducherry

Tablet Store

271 drugs are available in the store. One senior pharmacist and two pharmacists are posted along with 2 helpers. The average indent issues per week are 130. The drugs are issued to different wards and the pharmacies on weekly basis. The purchase proposals which are prepared based on the monthly requirement are sent to the pharmacy office for preparation of supply orders. An issue of Non-Availability Certificates to the staff and students is done for the non stocked drugs. Inventory control of drugs, receipt of drugs as per the supply orders, any quality and quantity issues found, will be brought to the notice of the officer in charge for further action.

The top five costly drugs procured in 2011-12 are Tab. Capecitabine Rs. 1223040/-, Beclomethasone rotacaps Rs. 891792/-, Tab. Imatinib Rs.594880/-, Cap. Cyclosporine Rs. 493750/- and Salbutamol Rotacaps Rs.297312/-

Injection Store

345 injections are available in the store. Three Pharmacists along with four helpers are posted in the injections stores. The average indents issued per week is 360. Injection, I.V. fluids and medical gases are issued to different wards, operation theatres, emergency medical services on weekly basis.. Non Availability Certificates will be issued to the SSHC beneficiaries. Inventory control of drugs, receipt of drugs as per the supply orders, any quality and quantity issues found, will be brought to the notice of the officer in charge for further action.

The top seven drugs procured in the year of 2011-12, were Inj. Human Mixtard Insulin Rs.44,48,016/-, Inj. Factor VIII Rs.4109916/-, Inj. Meropenem Rs.4768280/- Inj. Granulocyte colony-stimulating Factor(G-CSF) – 300 mcg Rs.1069200/-. Inj. Paclitaxel 260 mg Rs. 6,71,250- , Inj. Methyl Prednisolone 1 gm Rs. 5,56,500/- and Inj. Human IV Gammaglobulin Rs. 4524000/-.

Eight narcotic drugs are available in the injection stores. These drugs will be issued only against the special dangerous drug indent, duly signed by the head of the dept / consultant and the officer in charge of pharmacy or the head pharmacist/ senior pharmacist. Before issue of narcotics, the signatures are verified with the specimen signatures. The narcotic drugs are purchased from the authorized firms after obtaining special permission from concerned excise department. The top drug procured was Tablet Morphine for Rs. 3,36,000/- in the year.

I.V. Fluids and Medical Gas Store

The IV fluids and medical gas store is attached with the Injection Stores which is managed by a Pharmacist .On an average, 20 IV. fluid formulations are available in the stores along with 90 numbers A & B Type cylinders for Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen. The average numbers of Indents per week are 90 for IV. fluids and 50 for medical gas per week. The top three items purchased were Inj. Sodium Chloride Rs 3316950/-, Inj. Ringer lactate Rs.994000-, and Inj. Dextrose 5 % Rs. 726500/- in the year 2011-12.

Cold Storage

Three walk-in coolers are available for storing life saving drugs/vaccines at the recommended temperature range in order to provide potent and effective life saving drugs/vaccines to the patients. There are 80 life saving drugs stored in the walk-in-coolers.

Surgical Store

Sixteen different surgical items are available in the store. One pharmacist is posted in the stores. The issue is done once in a week on Wednesdays. The average no. of indents fulfilled per week is 95. On an average, Rs. 800000 is earmarked for surgical dressings. 55000 rolls of cotton were procured for the year of 2011-2012 with the value of Rs. 60,00,000.

Disinfectant and Chemical Store

Fifteen disinfectant solutions and 61 chemicals are available in the store. On an average, 175 indents are issued per week. The annual budget for disinfectant fluids was Rs.4500000 among which Lysol itself accounts for about Rs 2400000/-.

Local Purchase

Any life saving drug or essential drug whether not stocked in hospital pharmacy / not quoted in the tender or not listed in the tender is procured through the local purchase procedure by entering into rate contract with local chemists through local tender. The selection of firms will be approved by the Local Drug Purchase Committee. The drugs will be purchased only after obtaining the financial sanction from the Medical Superintendent and Director. A sum of Rs 8,75,331/- is utilized for local purchase of drugs for the year 2011-12. A senior pharmacist posted in the pharmacy office will be in charge of local purchase.


Preparation and Analysis Wing

Fifty different preparations are prepared in the section most of which are not available in the open market. Some preparations are also prepared based on the request from the user departments. The annual budget for this section is approximately 6 lakhs per year. Some of the preparations prepared are Lugol’s Iodine, Shohl’s solution, Joulies solution, Eusol, Glycerin tannic acid, Mag sulph glycerin and Piles injection. This section alone saves the expenditure of Rs. 5 lakhs per year.

OPD Pharmacy

125 drugs and 50 different ointments, lotions, liniment, ear drops, mixtures, syrups, and solutions which are prepared by hospital pharmacy preparation section are available in the pharmacy for the patients attending Medicine, Surgery, ENT, Paediatrics, Psychiatry, Skin, Ophthalmology , Orthopedics, Pulmonary Medicine, O&G Outpatient Departments, the Special Clinics like HIV, Geriatric, Allergy, De-addiction, Hematology, Paediatrics, Clinics for Nephrology, Cardiology, Psychiatry, Genetics and Clinic For Under 5 Years. Drugs are dispensed to an average of 1590 patients daily. Drugs are issued for 4/5 days to all patients attending the OPDs and 7 days for special clinic patients. Drugs are issued for 30 days for pediatric-psychiatry & neurology and all tuberculosis and leprosy patients. Regular drug counseling is given to the needy patients. Every month the list of available drugs is being circulated to all OPDs. The list of not-available drugs is submitted to the Director/ Medical superintendent every week. It is managed by 9 Pharmacists and 4 Contract Pharmacists along with 4 helpers.

Staff and Students Pharmacy

The ‘staff and students pharmacy’ dispenses drugs to patients attending ‘Staff and Students Health Clinic’. 200 drugs are available in the staff pharmacy. Drugs are issued for 14 days for follow-up clinic patients and 5 days for the OPD patients. The average attendance per day is around 300. The SSHC beneficiaries are entitled for the reimbursement of drugs which are not available or not stocked in JIPMER pharmacy.

Super Specialty Pharmacy (SSP)

127 drugs are available in the section. Drugs are dispensed to the patients attending super-specialty clinics of Neurology, Neurosurgery, Plastic surgery, Neonatology, Urology, Nephrology, Clinical Immunology, Cardiology, Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery, Medical Gastroenterology, Surgical Gastroenterology. The average patient attendance is 2200 per day. It is managed by 5 Pharmacists and 7 Contract Pharmacists. Besides dispensing drugs, counseling is also being given to the needy patients.

Sub Store In SS Block

The sub-store is managed by the pharmacists of super specialty pharmacy for issue of dressing items and IV fluids for the wards of the super specialty block once in a week.

RCC Pharmacy

114 drugs are available in the pharmacy which dispenses drugs to the patients attending the Radiation Oncology, Medical Oncology, RCC-ICU, Surgery, O&G and discharged patients. The chemotherapy injections and drugs are directly issued to the patients as per the advice of the oncologist. The pharmacy is managed by one Pharmacist and one Contract Pharmacist. Most of the lifesaving anti-cancer drugs like cisplatin, granulocyte colony stimulating factor (g-CSF), cyclophosphamide, 5-fluorouracil, doxorubicin and gemcitabine are dispensed to the patients