Departmental Administration

Laboratory Services

Surgical Pathology

In 2011-12, 18,326 biopsies were examined. Routine Hematoxylin-eosin and all special stains are performed. In 9,673 cases immunohistochemistry services were provided. Immunofluorescence laboratory has been standardized. Routine frozen sections and cryostat facilities were done in 70 cases.


Routine May-Grünwald-Giemsa, Papanicolaou and relevant special stains are performed and immunocytochemistry (ICC) is standardized. The cytology laboratory is enrolled in the Quality Assurance Scheme of Indian Academy of Cytology (IAC).

17,201 samples were investigated in the year 2011-12. These included fine needle aspiration (6432), gynecologic (cervicovaginal smears) (7162 and non-gynecologic (fluid) cytology (3064), as well as more recently introduced squash (for CNS tumors), imprint and brush (gastrointestinal and bronchial) cytology. Routine fluid cell count is also done in this section.


The lab caters to routine hemograms, BM aspiration and biopsy, coagulation and hemolytic anemia workup. The External quality assurance scheme is followed for the coagulation with CMC, Vellore and blood counts with AIIMS, New Delhi. The lab provides a 24-hour emergency in-patient service. During 2011-12, diagnostic workup of 32079 patients was performed including 639 bone marrow studies.

Central Lab and Superspecialty Lab (Clinical Pathology &Hematology Lab)

The OPD laboratory under the control of department of Pathology dealt with 65583 samples inclusive of hemogram, urine, stool and semen from the OPD patients in the main hospital as well as super specialty block.

Superspeciality block hematopathology laboratory dealt with 54768 samples including routine hemogram, peripheral smear, urine, stool and fluid analysis.

Superspecialty block Renal histopathology laboratory dealt with 300 Immuno-fluorescence studies


23 autopsies were performed during the period from April 2011 – March 2012