In-Patient Services

We are at present equipped with 16 bedded general ward, 3 bedded special ward(paying) and 4 bedded burns ward.
We also run the 6 bedded Pediatric Surgery ICU for neonates and post operative cases.

Emergency Services: Available 24/7 for all neonatal and pediatric surgical emergencies including polytrauma, neonatal emargencies, thoracic, abdominal, urological and oncological emergencies.

Elective and Emergency operative Services

Referral Services: The department provides intra-hospital referral services to all departments in the institute, round the clock.

As no full fledged pediatric surgical facilities are available in several of the neighbouring districts and medical college hospitals we are the referral centre for about 150km radius for both elective advanced procedures and emergency care.

Out-Patient Services

Available on all Working days six days week in forenoon session at SSB, First Floor, room no 207

Consultants Available :

Days Doctors
MONDAY : Dr Kumaravel S
TUESDAY: Dr B Jindal
WEDNESDAY: Dr Krishna Kumar Follow up Clinic: Dr Kumaravel S
THURSDAY: Dr Kumaravel S
FRIDAY: Alternating Dr Kumaravel S / Dr B Jindal
SATURDAY: Alternating Dr Krishna Kumar / Dr Bikash Naredi

All elective consulatations and minor procedures including dressing, suture removals, calibrations etc are carried out in the OPD.