1. Dr Kumaravel S, is exploring innovative techniques of Minimal Access in OPEN surgery, termed O-MAS (Open - Minimal Access Surgery) in major surgeries through mini incisions(10-25mm), trans umbilical routes etc, WITHOUT the use of expensive and technologically intensive equipment. The preliminary results of which were presented and Awarded the BEST POSTER at the 38th Annual National Conference of Indian Association of Paediatric Surgeons at Bhopal, INDIA
  2. The effect of sedation on the success rate of ultrasound guided hydrostatic reduction in the management of intussusception.
  3. Clinical research into biliary atresia as part of “Histomorphological evaluation of liver biopsies in neonatal cholestasis syndrome with special reference to biliary atresia”
  4. Clinical research into Hirschsprungs disease as part of “Morphological profile of large intestinal ganglion cells in perinatal autopsies and hirschsprung disease with special reference to the role of calretinin”
  5. Undergraduate project on “Audit of Pyeloplasty”