The department offers two full-time academic courses.

B.Sc. (Nuclear medicine technology) :

Started from the academic year 2012-13

Duration: 3 years (1st year: Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry are taught in addition to Radiation Physics.; 4 semesters in the next 2 years: Radiopharmacy, Nuclear medicine instrumentation, In-vitro methods, Radiation biology, and Radiation safety. They are given excellent hands-on training in nuclear medicine procedures and quality control of equipments and radiopharmaceuticals.

Optional one year Internship is offered after completing the course.

Number of seats per year: 5 (from Academic year 2020-21)

Evaluation: Written and oral examinations every 6 months.

MD (Nuclear Medicine):

Duration: 3 years

Started from the academic year 2013-14

Number of seats per year: Two per year in 2013-14 and 2014-15. Three per year - one in January session and two in July session from 2015-16 to 2019-20. Five per year from 2020-21. (two in January session and three in July session).

Learning: The department has three well-trained and experienced nuclear medicine physicians on the faculty. Lectures, seminar, journal club, inter-departmental meet and case presentations are conducted regularly. Students are encouraged to actively take part in research projects. Each candidate has to take up a dissertation during the course period.

Evaluation: Internal: written and oral examinations every 6 months.

Final examination: At the end of 3 years.

Senior Residency (SR) programme:

The department provides excellent opportunities for research and learning for postgraduate nuclear medicine physicians. At present, there are six seats available.

Last Updated :17-Mar-2023