Departmental Administration

The department of Neurosurgery holds outpatient clinics every Monday and Thursday at OPD suite 210, SSB OPD complex, first floor. The average OPD attendance is about 150.

Elective operating days are on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. All simple and complex neurosurgical procedures are performed.12-15 elective cases are operated each month.

The faculty have specific sub-specialty expertise in neurovascular surgery, surgery for skull base lesions, surgery for CV junction disorders, peripheral nerve surgery, spinal diseases, pediatric neurosurgery and neuro-oncology. Minimal access approaches for vascular and skull base lesions are being performed. Endoscopic pituitary surgery is now routinely performed. Recently, the department has begun performing endoscopic intraventricular surgery.

Head and Spine trauma cases are routinely managed in the EMS department, and operated as required. The average number of patients referred to neurosurgery in the EMSD is 25-30 per day. The number of emergency neurosurgical procedures performed is 50-60 per month.

The department handles a large number of inter-departmental intramural referrals. These number 90-100 per month.