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Department of Neurology

Neurology department which was started in 1986 moved to its current premises in Super Specialty block in 2009. It was headed by Dr Sunil K Narayan from inception until 2016 followed by Dr Pradeep Pankajakshan Nair till 2019. Currently the department is being headed by Dr Vaibhav Wadwekar. Department conducts DM Neurology, PDF in comprehensive epilepsy care, stroke management BSc Neurotechnology, MSc Neurotechnology and PhD courses. Apart from general Neurology/degenerative disease clinics the department runs subspecialty clinics such as Stroke, Epilepsy, and Neuromuscular clinic.

These clinics have the highest patient attendance in JIPMER. Department has a stroke and acute neurology intensive Care Unit with 6 beds, a 20 bedded general ward, and 3 special ward beds. In addition we have a stroke recovery ward with rehabilitation facilities and an epilepsy monitoring unit, each with 4 beds. The department of Neurology is spearheading acute stroke care offering thrombolysis (so far 151 patients) and carotid intervention programs including stenting (so far 12 patients), and an epilepsy surgery program in collaboration with departments of Neurosurgery and Radiology (30 patients to date).  State of the art equipment such as Cerebrovascular Dopplers, EEG, Video-EEG, Polysomnography, ENMG-EP, Tilt-table/Autonomic Nervous system lab, Computerized Cognitive battery, VNG and basic clinical Neurobiology lab facilities like Microscope, Centrifuge, Deep freezer, ELISA reader, immunoblot, Autoclave, Laminar Air flow (Bio safety cabinet) and Nano Spectrophotometer are available in the department for patient care services and research. In addition to these we also have a Neurobionics facility with neurostimulation equipment (TMS and tDCS), and Functional Electrical stimulation.

Other special neurorehabilitation services are also available like Robotic Motomed physiotherapy, Motomed arm rehabilitation system, Tyromotion balance system, Action Research arm training, Music therapy and mirror therapy. Recently a state-of-the-art Clinical clinical Neurobiology lab has also been established with Neuronal and  Stemcell culture facility, with biosafety cabinet, Laminar Air flow, CO2 incubator and Phase contrast Microscope; basic Genetic and Proteomics lab with Millipore water purification system, Cooling Centrifuge, PCR, Gel Electrophoresis,  Gel documentation system, Spectrophotometer, Western blot, ELISA reader and Deep freezers, refrigerator, microwave oven, water baths, shakers and mixers, centrifuges, precision weighing system,  autoclave, and an immunoblot, with SERB, DBT and JIPMER funding for advanced research. In the ICU, we have a point-of-care INR and a Blood gas analyser as well.

The Department uniquely provides a blend of mutually enriching clinical and basic sciences training in Neurosciences through a comprehensive teaching courses and research programmes including post doctoral clinical fellowship and research opportunities, under the umbrella of Department of Neurology, which a unique model in the country, spearheaded by faculty trained in national and international centres of excellence.

Last Updated :05-Jan-2024