The department undertakes various faculty and residents research projects and collaborates with other departments in JIPMER and other institutions. The department is also collaborating with clinical trials. The department focuses on research addressing the epidemiologic, therapeutic and preventive aspects targeting the relevant kidney ailments in the local population.

Focus areas of research

  • CKD of unidentified aetiology – community prevalence, aetiology and preventive measures.
  • Sarcopenia and  Acidosis in CKD
  • Predictive models for AKI to CKD transition
  • Pragmatic trials on chronic Kidney disease and AKI.
  • Living Kidney Donor evaluation and outcomes
  • Dialysis Quality and Safety
  • COVID-19 in patients with End-Stage Renal Disease
  • Registry for glomerular diseases

Ongoing Extramural funded projects

  • Indian Chronic Kidney Diseases study
  • Renal Registry
  • Sree Narayandasji Santram Maharaj Improving Dialysis Outcome Initiative
  • Sponsored Clinical Trial- VIS649-201 enVISion study

Research staff

  • Bavithra S- Research associate
  • Vijayalakshmi M S- Project assistant
  • Ms Janani V –Data entry operator
  • Nithya V- Data entry operator
  • R Hemalakshmi – Clinical trial coordinator
  • Sreelekha Addagada- Pharmacist


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