Departmental Administration

The Department of Nephrology at JIPMER, Puducherry – Breaking Barriers, Seeking Frontiers

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore is not an act but a Habit” – Aristotle

JIPMER, an institution of national importance under an act of Indian Parliament (JIPMER WEBSITE), has been offering haemodialysis services since mid 1980s for patients with acute renal failure. However, a dedicated Nephrology service was established only in January 2010 with Dr Sreejith Parameswaran joining the institute as Assistant Professor of Nephrology. He was the first faculty formally trained in Nephrology (D. M. Nephrology - PGIMER, Chandigarh) to join the institute and worked under the stewardship of Dr R. P. Swaminathan, Professor of Medicine and acting Head of Dept. of Nephrology (2010-2016) and currently Dean (Academic), JIPMER. The department has grown into a full-fledged renal service with recruitment of more faculty - Dr P. S. Priyamvada (2011) and Dr Satish Haridasan (2015), recruitment of Dialysis Technicians and supportive staff, procurement of equipment and rolling out various nephrology clinical services over the years.


The Department seeks to be a model for Academic Nephrology Service in India


  • Offer Evidence based, Ethical, Socially Mindful patient care with emphasis on Quality and Safety
  • Innovations in Training Programs which will serve as a model for training in Renal Science and Technology
  • Engage in original research which is relevant to regional and national health priorities and is socially accountable


We, at JIPMER, believe that the Department of Nephrology is a living example to what can be achieved when the resources of the government is met with administrative will power,  sincere, single minded dedication and entrepreneurship from individuals focused  on institution building.