1. Central Admission Office:

Central Admitting office is functioning around the clock. The staff members are posted to work in shift basis. This office is maintained by Medical Record Technician, Medical Record Clerk, MTS and contact staffs.

  1. Reception (EMS)

The Reception is functioning round the clock at Emergency Medical Services Block (i.e., Casualty). In Reception, all the emergency cases are registered and issued the respective case records to the patients and maintained by the Medical Record Clerk and MTS, MTS and contact staffs.

  1. Reception (Hospital)

The Reception is functioning round the clock at Main Hospital Block on shift duties which are controlled by the Receptionist-cum-Telephone Operator.

  1. Outpatient Services

There are about 8000 patients visiting to JIPMER every day to 32 specialties and more than 57 special clinics which are introduced in the after-noon’s as per the schedule.  The average admission per day is 250 and Bed strength is 2248.


07:00 AM TO 11:00 PM


07:00 AM TO 02:00 PM


12:00 NOON TO 02:00 PM


(Online Tele-consultation registration services are availed during Pandemic periods)

09:00 AM TO 04:00 PM

  1. In-Patient Services

Patient get admitted to the ward, as in-patient, their out-patient records along with the admission order are sent to the Admission Room.  Under the control of M.R.D., the Admission Room is functioning round the clock.  In the admission room, every patient will be assigned in-patient / M.R.D. number  for maintaining the in-patient records,    Identity Card Number is entered and automatically all details of the patient which are already in the computer are displayed. The printout are taken in a set of forms such as Admission Record, Case Summary and Discharge Record, History & Physical Examination record, Laboratory Master, Admission and Discharge Order and the patient is directed to concerned ward.

 Every day discharged records are collected by the Medical Record Technician / Census Clerk along with the previous day ward Census report which is prepared by the ward in-charge sisters.  The In-patient records are sorted into OP & IP.  The Xerox Copy of the Case summary is attached in the in-patient record.   The original is retained in the out-patient record for future referral purposes.

The in-patient records are assembled in a standard chronological order and deficiencies are listed in the deficiency check slip and kept for completion of records in the Doctor’s Conference Room.  The In-patient records are analyzed, in the discharge analysis desk for statistical purpose, such as Total admissions, total discharges, consultation, total deaths (under 48 hrs., over 48hrs) death percentage, total post mortem, average hospital stay, turn over interval, bed occupancy rate, infectious disease analysis and results etc.,

The same report will be submitted for monthly bulletin, the whole hospital statistics will be prepared by the Medical Record Personnel which is submitted for Medical Care Review meeting.   All the in-patient records are sorted into service and unit wise and then kept in the respective cup-boards at the Doctors’ Conference Room for completion of the records.  Every discharged record is completed by the treating doctor before sending to the coding desk.

After completion, the records are coded as per the ICD 10 (WHO) and indexed, which will enable us to retrieve the required information easily and quickly.   All the records are sent to Complete Record Control Desk for verification whether the records are completed or not.   If completed, the same records are arranged into numerical Order and filed in the permanent rack.  The records are supplied for readmission purpose, study, thesis, publication, research purpose etc. The Officer in-charge of Medical Records department is the Member Secretary of the Committee.

The case records are digitized there and there and supplied to doctors as .pdf for attending Seminars/Conferences and their research works, thesis purposes etc., necessary information are provided to the Administration as and when required for planning and other activities.   Communicable and Preventable disease details and monthly return are sent to the Public Health Agencies for community intervention to take preventive measures.

All the records are systematically classified and categorized for easy retrieval.  All in-patient records including M.L.C. & Expired are preserved by the Medical Records Department.

All the records are kept for preserve as per retention policy of Govt. of India.

Last Updated :11-Jul-2023