JIPMER Medical Social Workers works in Outpatient Departments, Inpatient Departments, provide long-term care facility and also work as community health workers. MSW work with patients and their families who are in need of psychosocial help, and also assess the psychosocial functioning of patients, families and intervene as necessary. Interventions may include connecting patients and families to necessary resources and supports in the community; providing psychotherapy, supportive and grief counseling, helping a patient to expand and strengthen their network of social supports.

            Role of a Medical Social Worker is to “restore balance in an individual’s personal, family and social life, in order to help that patient to maintain or recover his/her health and strengthen his/her ability to adapt and reintegrate into society”.

            Medico Social Services Wing is functioning in old OPD Block room No:84. There are 17 Medical Social Workers and one Psychiatric Social Worker with post graduate qualification headed by Dr. Ravi Philip Rajkumar, Faculty In Charge, Mrs.V.Chitraleka, Social Service Officer.


            Helping the patients & the care takers to understand the illness, treatment options & the consequence of various treatment.

            Assessing the psycho-social status of the patients.

            Providing supportive counselling, motivating the patients for treatment procedures & for hospitalization.

            Providing pre & post procedure counselling and coordinating discharge planning.

            Coordinating with Multi Disciplinary Team and providing effective hospital services.

Guidance services for patients

            Ensuring communication & understanding about post hospital care among patients and family members.

            Mobilizing resources such as wheel chairs, entertainment items such as TVs, play materials, etc.,

            Guiding the patients to avail disability/treatment certificate for receiving the Govt. Financial Aids.

            Motivating patients to avail Govt. financial Assistance for paitent welfare.

            Placement and Rehabilitation services rendered to the needy patients in various NGO’s Centres.

Train Concession

            Issuing railway concession certificates to the eligible pateints.

Patients benefited:

Cancer Patients, Thalassemia Patients, Pre & Post Heart Surgery Patients, T.B Patients, Lupus vagaries Patients, Non Infectious Leprosy Patients,  Haemophilia Patients, AIDS Patients, Kidney Transplant & Dialysis Patients, Anemia Patients, Aplastic Anaemia Patients.

Bus Concession

            Issuing Pondicherry Road Transport Corporation Free Bus Passes for cancer patients.

            Issuing Tamilnadu State Transport Corporation Bus Concession for cancer pateints.

Rashtriya Arogya Nidhi (RAN)

            RAN is the Central Govt. Fund given by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

            Arranging JIPMER RAN fund for patients below poverty line for medications, medical equipments, replacements & for treatment of specific life threatening illness. Patients can get financial assistance up to Rs. 2,00,000/-


Poor Patient Chest Fund

            Arranging JIPMER poor patient chest fund to finance for medications, medical equipments & needed surgery itmes.

            The money is mobilized from the dump boxes kept in every ward with the “HELP THE NEEDY”.

            Fund is utilized to purchase life saving drugs for poor patients.

            A maximum of Rs.5000/- can be availed.


            “JIPMER HELP GROUP” was initiated by Dr. Subhash Chandra Parija, Director, JIPMER to guide the patients who are in need. It was started in the Month of January 2016.

            Medical Social Workers and Psychiatric Social Workers are supervisors in JIPMER Help Group in each blocks (MRD, WCH, MSSB & RCC).

            MSW/PSW guide and assist the needy patients who are attending each Block.

            Volunteers are also involved in the JIPMER Help Group for guiding the patients (Volunteers are from MBBS students, Nursing students and Publics).


            “JIPMER Health Education Initiative” was initiated by Dr. Subhash Chandra Parija, Director, JIPMER to sensitize the public on various diseases, on 26th May 2015.

            The programme is organized on every second and fourth Tuesday at SSB, conference Hall.

            Medical Social Workers are Moderators in JIPMPER Help Education Initiative.

            Medical Social Workers are involved in the entire programme.

            Health Talks are given by experts from various Departments on various health aspects.


            Network with NGOs, Welfare organizations, Department of Police and other relevant organizations to obtain community support for patients and the hospital.

Discharge care and planning

            To help patients make a smooth transition from hospitalization to their routine life.

Community Participation

            To undertake home visits, school visits, visit to patient’s work place to establish patients’ coping capacity in their home, school and work environment, and to link them with other community resources wherever it is necessary.

Supports Groups

            To facilitate support groups in which patients in which patients share their concerns in a supportive environment: some of these groups include patients with Cancer, Tuberculosis and Diabetes besides De-addiction groups.   


Social Worker in Psychiatry setting

            Assists in De-addiction Clinic and Crisis Intervention clinic by giving individual counseling, group therapy, family intervention & rehabilitation services. Regular Individual Therapy, Family Therapy and Re-habilitation Services are given to other patients attending the OPD.