Academic Programs

The Department of Medical Oncology started functioning in the Regional Cancer Center at JIPMER  in the year 2009. We started the DM Medical Oncology program in the year 2011 and the first student was enrolled that year. Currently we enrol 2 post graduates every year in the DM Medical Oncology program. Till July 2018, 7 students have successfully have completed the course. In addition, we have post doctoral fellowship course in hemato-oncology and pediatric oncology which are open for MD post graduates. These courses started in 2017 and enrol 1 candidate every year. ;

IN 2016, we have been enrolling 1 PhD student every year for research training in the subject of medical oncology.

The department has been maintaining very active and comprehensive training program modelled after some of the best centers in the world for the residents and research students.  The daily academic and teaching program start at 7.45 AM (Monday- Saturday).  In addition to the regular schedule, we also have teaching during the multidisciplinary board meetings, frequent symposia with national and international guest faculty. The virtul tumor board meeting covers various aspects of patient management and offers a chance to interact with multiple experts in the field all over the country.

 Table Department teaching program

Day Concept Description
7.45-8.30 am
Seminar Various topics alternating between clinical, molecular, social oncology etc. will be discussed. On the 3rd Monday a breakfast symposium of two hours is done in association with surgical oncology department
7.45-8.30 am
Journal/ Abstract Alternate week’s journal discussion or abstract discussions are done. On journals day, 2 journals, divided between clinical topic, landmark journals, molecular, social oncology etc. will be scheduled. On days of abstract multiple abstracts of recent publications are discussed, each for 5 minutes.
7.45-8.30 am
Case discussion Resident shall present clinical cases and discuss further issues related to it. This is usually done in association with surgical oncology departments.
7.45-8.30 am
Department audit Various audits like mortality discussion, disease specific audits, morbidity audits will be done.
7.45-8.30 am
Seminar Similar to Monday seminars except for the breakfast symposium. Also invited lectures by faculties from other departments and also lectures by own department faculties will be arranged. Seminars on soft skill are also arranged.
7.30-11.30 am
Grand rounds The whole department shall discuss in detail the cases admitted in the wards, as well as other difficult decision making cases as well as details of patients related to transplant.
Research meeting Brainstorming session for new research ideas as well as t update the various research activities happening within the department and for PhD work review.