The DM Medical Oncology program started in 2011. Currently, we enroll 4 post graduates every year in the DM Medical Oncology program. In addition, we have post-doctoral fellowship course in hemato-oncology and pediatric oncology which started in 2017 and enroll 1 candidate every year. From 2016, we started training PhDs and currently we have 6 PhD enrolled in various projects. 

The training program is modelled after some of the best centers in the world.  The daily teaching starts at 7.45 AM (Monday- Saturday).  In addition to the regular schedule, we also have teaching during the multidisciplinary board meetings, frequent symposia with national and international guest faculty. The weekly virtual tumor board meetings (held in collaboration with the National Cancer Grid) offers a chance to interact with multiple experts in the field all over the country. For the PhDs, separate sessions involving molecular journal discussions and biostatistics discussions are held.