Medical Gastroenterology OPD (MGE OPD) is situated in the second floor of super speciality OPD block room No 306.

We offer the following sub-speciality OPD services.

Monday - Dyspepsia clinic

Tuesday- Inflammatory bowel diseases clinic and follow up clinic for chronic hepatitis-B and C

Wednesday – Liver and Pancreato-biliary clinic

Friday – Liver and Pancreato-biliary clinic

OPD timings:  8 AM to 1 PM

The Department faculty and residents takes care of OPD patients after registration in OPD reception. Separate consultation rooms are allotted for consultants and residents.


Medical gastroenterology department is equipped with 16 beds (8 beds in male ward and 8 beds in female wards) in the fourth floor of Super Speciality building (ward no. 5422).  Patients are admitted for evaluation and management of liver disease, portal hypertension, acute and chronic pancreatitis, malabsorption, inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome and GI malignancies. Patients are monitored round the clock by resident doctors and duty nurses.


  • Endoscopy suite of medical gastroenterology department is situated at Room no. 304 of Super speciality building. It is equipped with upper GI scopes, duodenoscope and colonoscopes. Diagnostic upper and lower gastrointestinal endoscopies are routinely performed on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.
  • GI motility lab is also situated in outpatient endoscopy facility of Super Speciality building. It is equipped with Capsule endoscopy, Esophageal and anorectal manometry, 24-hour esophageal pH and impedance monitoring. These procedures are performed on all the week days.


Operation theatre of medical gastroenterology department is situated in the OT Complex-6 of Super specialty building. It is fully equipped with advanced endoscopic and fluoroscopic gadgets. The following procedures are done in the OT:

  1. Endoscopic retrieval of GI foreign bodies
  2. ERCP (Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatogram)
    • CBD stone removal
    • CBD stenting (plastic stents and metallic stents)
    • Biliary sphincterotomy
    • Dilatation of biliary strictures
    • Nasobiliary drain
    • Rendezvous procedure for internalization of external biliary drain
    • Pancreatic duct [MPD] stenting
    • Minor papilla sphincterotomy for pancreas divisum
    • Mechanical lithotripsy
  3. Endoscopic / Colonoscopic polypectomy
  4. Pneumatic dilatation for achalasia cardia
  5. Bougie / Balloon dilatation for luminal strictures
  6. Endoscopic Ultrasound
    • FNAC
    • FN Biopsy
    • Pseudocys Cystogastrostomy
    • Biliary drainage
  7. Palliative stenting [Self expanding metal stents] for terminal GI malignancies
    • Esophageal stenting
    • Antro-pyloric stenting
    • Biliary stenting
    • Colonic stenting
  8. Enteral feeding tube procedures:
    • Nasogastric tube placement beyond strictures
    • Nasojejunal tube placement
    • Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy
  9. Endoscopic variceal ligation
  10. Endoscopic sclerotherapy
  11. Endoscopic glue injection for fundal varices
  12. Argon plasma coagulation for non-variceal bleed
  13. Image enhanced endoscopy (Narrow band imaging for early GI cancers)
  14.   Balloon enteroscopy for small bowel pathology
Last Updated :03-Jul-2023