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The department of Medical Gastroenterology has been conceptualized with three sanctioned faculty posts - one professor/additional professor and two assistant professors The Department was started March-2010 with Prof D.K.S Subrahmanyam as Head of Department and Dr Lakshmi CP and Dr Amit Goel as Assistant Professors with a bed strength of four. Dr. Lakshmi. C.P and Dr. Amit Goel were relieved on June 2013. Dr. Abdoul Hamide took over charge as Head of the Department from 1/7/2013 and was offering the departmental services. Dr. Pazhanivel Mohan Joined department as Assistant Professor on 20/01/2014. The department started DM medical gastroenterology course from July 2017 with annual intake of two candidates. Dr. K. Senthamizh Selvan joined as Assistant Professor on 25/4/2018. Dr. Rakesh Aggarwal became the Director of JIPMER and faculty of the department of medical gastroenterology from 1/1/2019. Dr. Abdoul Hamide got relieved from the department on 30/6/21 and Dr. Pazhanivel Mohan became the head of the department from 1/7/2021. Dr. Siva Krishna Sirasapalli joined as Assistant Professor on 29.12.2023. The department currently has six Senior Residents.

The department manages patients with complicated medical problems in the gastrointestinal tract which comprises of disorders of esophagus, stomach, small bowel, colorectal, liver, biliary tract and pancreas. The department has dedicated outpatient clinics, inpatient wards, endoscopy room and operation theatre. Regular residency teaching program and continuing nursing program are ongoing academic activities. The department runs an endoscopy simulation laboratory and a GI motility lab which is equipped with capsule endoscopy, high resolution esophageal and anorectal manometry and 24hr- pH Impedance studies. Most of the state-of-the-art facilities and equipment’s are available to fulfill the needs of complicated patients. The Department hosts various academic meetings. Patient centered research in various arenas is one of the foremost priorities of the department. The planned expansion in terms of new services, program and infrastructure development are ongoing. Patients are treated at a highly subsidized rate. Quality and safety of high order is maintained in patient care.

Last Updated :06-Jan-2024