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Terms and Conditions for using NTTC Hall

  1. Prior permission from the Head of the Department of Medical Education is necessary to organize any academic activity in the NTTC Halls. The halls can be booked only for a maximum period of two days
  2. A formal letter of request is to be sent to the HoD of Medical Education ONE month before the date of the programme and requests earlier to one month will not be entertained. Once the permission is granted, an allotment letter signed by HoD of Medical Education will be sent to the concerned department.
  3. The seating capacity of NTTC Hall 1 is 75 for seminar like programmes and 40 for workshop like programmes.
  4. The NTTC Hall 2 is converted as Skill Lab and hence it is strictly used for simulation training only. Other programmes cannot be conducted in the Skill Lab for it contains expensive simulators and mannequins.
  5. The facilities in the NTTC Halls are provided “as is where is” basis and no modification or alteration is permitted.
  6. Before taking up the hall for their use the organizers should sign an inventory containing list of items for which they would be responsible in all the respects. Proper taking over and handing over should take place only in the presence of the technician or technical supervisor of the department of medical education.
  7. The organizers should take charge of the keys of the halls on a working day & during the working hours. Arrangements for the programme should be made only after the department working hours.
  8. Entry to department office is restricted and organizers should not disturb the functioning of the office or office personnel for any reasons during the programme.
  9. Both the NTTC halls are equipped with AC, audio visual facilities with cordless mics and collar mic including Wi-Fi connectivity. The default settings of these equipment or gadgets should not be altered under any circumstances.
  10. Organizers have to bring their own laptop for projecting audio-visuals and check the compatibility of the same with the LCD projector.
  11. Organizers should make their own arrangements for drinking water, stationeries, batteries, whiteboard markers, room fresheners, toilet paper/towel and hand wash which they are likely to use for their programmes.
  12. The organizers should see that the Wi-Fi connectivity and other audio visual equipment are optimally used and not misused under any circumstances. Please ensure that the LCD projector is kept in stand-by mode or switched off during long breaks and lunch.
  13. Department of Medical Education will not be in a position to provide a Projectionist for audio-visual assistance for all the programmes. In such case, the organizers should make their own arrangement for projection and maintenance of audio-visual equipment.
  14. Moving of furniture, equipment and other items out of the department is strictly prohibited. Externally hired furniture or other equipment is not permitted inside the department or halls.
  15. Organizers should make their own arrangements for banners and for posters.
  16. No Banners and posters should be fixed or pasted on the walls. They may be fixed on to the display boards available in the hall. Fixing nails on the walls is not permitted.
  17. Organizers are not permitted to use the photocopying, stationeries and other office/secretarial facilities of the department for their programme.
  18. Organizers should make their own arrangements for tea, snacks and other food items.
  19. Serving of tea and snacks is not permitted inside the halls and in front of the department. The Square space adjacent to ACYTER and dining hall situated in the fourth floor is under the administrative control of the Academic Section. Organizers can take advantage of these spaces and serve tea, snacks and food in these areas with proper permission from the academic section.
  20. Organizers should arrange their own manpower for cleaning and arranging the chairs and preparing the hall for their programmes. Similarly, after the programme is over they must ensure that the furniture and other things are arranged back in order and the ACs and lights are switched off before leaving the hall. Please ensure that tables and chairs are not dragged on the floor as they leave a mark.
  21. Organizers should make their own arrangements with horticulture section, photography unit etc.,
  22. Damage to the furniture, equipment and fittings or loss of any kind caused during the use of NTTC Halls are to be made good by the organizers.
  23. Organizers and participants are not allowed to use the staff toilet of the Department of Medical Education. They are directed to use the toilets adjacent to the dining hall and exam halls in the fourth floor.
  24. Cancellation of the booking should be made in advance in order to avoid administrative inconveniences.
  25. The organizers should strictly observe the security and other functional norms in all the respects without causing any shortcomings or inconvenience to the functioning of Department of Medical Education. They are also requested to cooperate with the department of medical education and maintain the decorum of the department in all respects.
  26. Influencing the staff/office bearers of the department by other means for booking and for using the halls will lead to cancellation of approval.
  27. Organizers strictly adhering to the above norms alone will be provided the halls for their future programmes.

Terms and Conditions for using Skill Lab

  1. Faculty members desirous of booking the Skill Lab have to get prior permission (15 days in advance) from the Head of the Department of Medical Education by sending a request letter along with the filled in proforma which is available at JIPMER website/ office of Medical Education.
  2. Please confirm the status of functioning of all the manikins and other equipment with the technical assistant or with the technical supervisor of Department of Medical Education before using them.
  3. Do not use the Skill Lab in the absence of technical personnel of the department of Medical Education. The technical assistant and/or the technical supervisor will be available in the department for any technical assistance.
  4. Please ensure that the manikins are fully charged (wherever applicable) before using them.
  5. Manikins should be practiced only under the supervision of the faculty responsible for training.
  6. Manikins should be treated like real human beings and should not be misused under any circumstances. 
  7. Please do not alter the arrangement or misplace any items. 
  8. As stains like ink and other chemicals can make permanent mark on the manikins, care should be taken to handle the manikins with clean hands. 
  9. Tidiness of the Skill Lab should be ensured at all times.
  10. All the accessories of the respective manikins should be put in the respective place before leaving the Skill Lab.
  11. Serving of Tea, snacks and other eatables are strictly prohibited inside the Skill Lab.
  12. Working hours of the Skill Lab: 09.30 am to 12.30 pm and 02.15 pm to
    04.00 pm between Monday and Friday except closed holidays.
  13. Permission will be given only for small group sessions.
  14. Please leave the lab in the condition you found it.