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Guidelines for Using NTTC Seminar Hall

Guidelines for using NTTC Halls

Prior permission from the Head of the Department of Medical Education is necessary to organize any academic activity in the NTTC Halls. The organizers are requested to ascertain the availability of Halls from the office of the Department of Medical Education and then contact the HoD of Medical Education Department.

A formal letter of request is to be sent to the HoD of the Department of Medical Education.

The seating capacity of NTTC Hall 1 is 75 for seminar like programmes and 40 for workshop like programmes.

The seating capacity of NTTC Hall 2 is 20 and it can be used only for small group teaching-learning activities.

The facilities in the NTTC Halls are provided “as is where is” basis and no modification or alteration is permitted.

NTTC Hall 2 will be provided only under special circumstances for it is meant for skills training using mannequins and simulators.

Before taking up the hall for their use the organizers should sign an inventory containing list of items for which they would be responsible in all the respects.

The organizers should take charge of the keys of the hall one day (on a working day & during the working hours) before the programme.

Both the NTTC halls are equipped with AC, audio visual facilities with cordless mics and collar mic including Wi-Fi connectivity.  Under no circumstance should their location or the default settings are to be altered.

Organizers should make their own arrangements for batteries, whiteboard markers, room fresheners and stationeries which they are likely to use for their programmes.

Organizers have to bring their own PC or laptop for projecting audio-visuals and check the compatibility of the same with the LCD projector.

The organizers should see that the Wi-Fi connectivity and other audio visual equipments are optimally used and not misused under any circumstances. Please ensure that the LCD projector is kept in stand-by mode or switched off during long breaks and lunch.

Department of Medical Education will not be in a position to provide a Projectionist for audio-visual assistance for all the programmes. In such case, the organizers should make their own arrangement for projection and maintenance of audio-visual equipments.

Externally hired furniture or other equipment are not allowed.

Organizers should make their own arrangements for banners and for posters.

No Banners and posters should be fixed or pasted on the walls. They may be fixed on to the display boards available in the hall. Fixing nails on the walls are not permitted.

Photocopying, stationeries and other office facilities cannot be spared for organizers.

Serving of tea and snacks is not permitted inside the halls. Organizers should arrange for tea, snack and other food items. The Dining Hall situated in the fourth floor is under the administrative control of the Academic Section. It is hoped that organizers will take advantage of this space and serve all food/snacks in that area.

Organizers should arrange their own manpower for cleaning and arranging the chairs and preparing the hall for their programmes.  Similarly, after the programme is over they must ensure that the furniture and other things are arranged back in order and the ACs and lights are switched off before leaving the hall. Please ensure that tables and chairs are not dragged on the floor as they leave a mark.

Organizers should make their own arrangements with horticulture section, photography unit etc.,

Damages to the furniture and fittings or losses of any kind caused during the use of NTTC Halls are to be made good by the organizers.

Participants are not allowed to use the Staff toilet of the Department of Medical Education and may be requested to use the toilets adjacent to the dining hall in the fourth floor. However, resource persons and faculty members may use the Staff toilet.

The organizers should strictly observe the security and other functional norms in all the respects without causing any shortcomings or inconvenience to the functioning of Department of Medical Education.

Cancellation of the booking should be made in advance in order to avoid administrative inconveniences.

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