This Department will purchase and distribute the linen materials to hospital i.e. Bed Sheet, Dhothi, Patient saree etc., through laundry as replacement following condemnation and directly to ward / OT to increase stock and also as new stock.

The unstitched linen materials are purchased from Khadi as per the Government order to stitch OT Gown, OT Vest, OT Pyjama, Patient Gown, Adult Shirt etc.,. Those items are stitched from tailoring unit as part of the Linen Section. Linen items are issued to tailors for stitching as per schedule and maintain adequate stock for distribution.


OFFICE NUMBER: 0413-2296607

E-MAIL ID:jipmerlinen[at]gmail[dot]com

Officer I/C

Name: Dr. Neelima Talari, M.B.B.S, MS (OBG).,
Designation: Chief Medical Officer,
Ph. No:9489052934
Office No.: 6608 (For Laundry)  6607 (for Linen)



PHONE NUMBER : 0413-2296607


Linen section supplies dresses to the in-patients i.e. Adult Shirt, Dhoti, Female Shirt, Saree and Bedsheet.

Last Updated :21-Feb-2023