Herbal Garden

The Department established a herbal garden in front of the old MRD (Dhanvantari statue) containing more than 250 species of medicinal and aromatics plants, including herbs, shrubs, and tree species.

Recycling Reverse Osmosis (RO)  wastewater

The RO plant located in the Jipmer outpatient hemodialysis unit generates around 8000 to 10000 litres of reject water. The rejected water from the RO unit is collected in the underground sump. The stored water was pumped into the overhead tank and used for irrigating the nearby garden areas.

Rainwater Harvesting

A rainwater harvesting system with canals was established with CPWD Civil's support. By slowing the runoff and recharging the water table, the system will help in improving the groundwater levels.


The Department produces vermicompost and leaves mould using the horticultural waste and biodegradable waste generated in the various kitchens on the campus. The small tree branches are shredded with the help of a shredder and used for composting. Since 2017 department has been self-sufficient in organic compost production.

Flower show

The Department conducts the annual JIPMER  Flower show and competition every year to create awareness among staff and students in gardening and organic farming.

Campus Afforestation

Afforestation is part of the departmental activities. The Department has planted saplings in the barren areas of the campus and achieved an excellent green cover belt.

Vegetable cultivation.

In JIPMER, trees dominate the landscape, and only limited open ground space is available for vegetable cultivation . Wherever the space is available, we utilise that space to cultivate vegetables, mostly Pumpkin. The average yield of Pumpkin is around 750 to 1000 kgs in minimal space. We have plans to extend the vegetable cultivation using RO reject water.

Landscape gardening

The Department is developing and maintaining gardens throughout the entire campus with proper garden components. The Department also maintains the Gandhi park on the campus.

Outreach activities

The Department is offering technical help and education to establish gardens in Government schools of Puducherry. So far, eight  Government Schools in Puducherry have established Herbal Gardens in their premises, with the help of the Horticulture department JIPMER. The Department also gives training for school students to develop a garden on their premises.

Last Updated :14-Feb-2022