In-Patient Services

In patient care services are provided from the Department of ENT with the bed strength of 33. The ENT department is situated in the old hospital block on the first floor.

Ward 22- Male ward

Ward 23- Post operative ward

Ward 24- Female ward

The department has elective operation theater days on Alternate Mondays and Tuesday to Saturday.  Emergency services including surgeries are available round the clock.

The department has the latest equipment in the operating theater including advanced operating microscopes, Video-endoscopes, Microdebriders, Image guided Surgery and Carbon Dioxide, KTP, Diode Lasers and Harmonic Scalpel.

Out-Patient Services

The department of ENT runs regular OPD services on all working days from 8.30 am to 1:00 pm. Besides the regular OPD, a special cancer clinic is run on Tuesday afternoon from 2.00 pm. Diagnostic equipment in the OPD includes Pure tone audiometry, impedance audiometry, Brainstem evoked response audiometry, ENG and VEMP along with Diagnostic Nasal Endoscopy, Tele-Laryngoscopy, Stroboscopy and Otomicroscopy. 

The following consultants are available in the OPD on the following days:

Monday      : Dr Sunil Kumar Saxena

Tuesday     : Dr Arun Alexander and Dr. P Lokesh Kumar

Wednesday: Dr Sivaraman G and Dr. Kalaiarasi R

Thursday    : Dr Sunil Kumar Saxena

Friday         : Dr Arun Alexander and Dr. P Lokesh Kumar       

Saturday     : Dr Sivaraman G and Dr. Kalaiarasi R


Last Updated :01-Nov-2022