Staff Structure:

The Department has nearly 33 regular staffs 8 contract staff which include Dieticians, Cooks, boiler operators, Office Staffs, and 63 supporting staffs on temporary basis. The department has one Officer-in-Charge and one Deputy Officer-in-Charge.


Dr. Saka Vinod Kumar (Prof Sr scale Pulmonary Medicine)

Deputy Officer-in-Charge

Dr. Pratima Agarwal (Senior Medical Officer)

Senior Dietician

Mrs. D. Madhavi

Mrs. R. Poonguzhaly


Mrs. Marie Sujatha. L

Assistant Dieticians

Ms. K. Vijayalakshmi

Ms. D. Umasankari

Ms. Vineetha Kumaran

Ms. M. Harinee

Ms. A. Dhilshath Begum

Ms. Shalini Urban

Ms. P.M. Rama Prabha

Ms. Milan Muhammad Suroor

Ms. Ankita Debbarma


Mr. G. Gunasillen


Mr. V. Devapady

Mr. D. Vasudevan

Boiler Attendant

Mr. S. Dinakaran


Mr. R. Sathiyamurthy

Head cook

Mr. V. Vasu

Senior Cook

Mr. R. Kalaiselvan

Mr. K. Sammantham


13 regular cooks

Contract staff (8 staff)

Boiler Attendant (Contract)-2 numbers

Data Entry Operator (Contract)-1 numbers

 Contract cooks- 5 numbers

Supporting staffs

63 temporary bases (58-DRL + 5-UDS)

List of Equipment’s:

The department of Dietetics is equipped with all modernized cooking equipment like:

  • Automatic Electrical Diesel Boiler with double layered steam jacket cooking vessels, Idly and Egg Steamer
  • LPG operated cooking Ranges
  • Electrical Milk Heater
  • Vegetable Peeler
  • Vegetable cutter
  • Wet Grinder
  • Automatic Tray washing machine
  • Automatic chappathi making machine
  • Walk–in–Cooler
  • Deep Freezer


Breakfast: Whole wheat bread/Pongal/ Rava Kitchadi/ Wheat uppuma, Milk, Butter /

Jam and Boiled Egg / Omelette

10.00 am: Fruits, milk, vegetables soup, sour lime, Soya blend, Rice conjee, Ragi Porridge

Lunch:Boiled Rice with Sambar / kadalai curry / vathakuzhambu,

Vegetable Biriyani – 2 days, Pulao – 1 day

3.00 pm:Milk / Tea and Blend for therapeutic and special diet

Dinner:Idly - 3 Days, Vegetable Pulao – 3 Days, Sambar Rice - 1 Day

Wheat Rice / Chappathi for Diabetic Diet

  1. 1.00 pm: Milk for children, therapeutic and special diet.
Last Updated :29-Sep-2022