Facilities / Services Offered

  1. Sutures & Disinfectant Stores
  2. Surgical Stores
  3. Contingent, Sanitary Stores & Bio Medical Waste Management stores.
  4. Furniture Stores
  5. Condemnation Stores

Expert Committees

  1. Surgical Items, Sutures and Hospital Disinfectant Monitoring Committee
  2. Committee for the Purchase and Inspection of Furniture Items
  3. Biomedical Waste Management Committee
  4. Committee for Purchase of Sanitary items and Contingency Stores

The Central Stores procures and supplies various items under the above heads to all the user departments. Procurement is done through annual e-tenders / GeM. The process of procurement is elaborate, with calling of samples, evaluation of the samples by the user-departments with adequate documentation of any rejections, and orders to the firms providing approved samples. The confirmation of the orders is made after due discussion by the relevant expert committees. Any supplied material found to be not conforming to the samples or lacking in quality in any way, as reported by the user-departments, is rejected and is returned to the vendors. Occasionally, when items are required urgently or new items are to be procured, procurement is done by calling for limited quotations.

The Stores, under the supervision also coordinates the collection and disposal of all hospital condemned items, certified by the condemnation committee, by due process of public auction. The revenue thus earned is deposited in the Institute revenue account.

The store personnel update stock registers, and inventory on a daily basis. They also maintain a calendar for issue of items to users. All the Stores are migrated into online requisition mode.

The Stores maintains a close contact with the Purchase Section and helps in utilizing surplus funds for the benefit of the Institute and the Hospital.

Census of activities for the year 2023-24: Central Stores Funds utilized in the year 2023-24


Furniture store

₹ 2,14,06,613.00


Contingent and Sanitary store

₹ 2,80,63,992.00


Sutures and Disinfectants store

₹ 8,83,83,745.00


Surgical store

₹ 4,91,17,058.00


Condemnation store

Total revenues received by disposal of condemned items

₹ 35,78,178.00

Last Updated :09-May-2024