Issue Section

The issue section has 3693 books as on 31.03.2012 and are displayed in 27 shelves for issue to the eligible members of the Library

Reference Section

The reference section has 3104 books as on 31.03.2012 in the medicine and allied subjects arranged in the order of basic subjects followed by clinical subjects and super specialty subjects which are available for reference to the eligible members of the Library. The books published during the last 5 years are kept in the reference section.

Old Books Section

There are about 6343 books arranged in the rear end of the issue section in chronological sequence from 1971 to 1990 for scrutiny by the Subcommittee on condemnation of old obsolete books for disposal.

Book Bank

There is a separate Book Bank from which books are issued to the SC/ST students on term basis through an additional membership card provided to them. About 50 students are currently availing this facility.

New Addition

The Central Library has added 713 books in the reference section for the users which was procured for this year.

New Arrivals alert service

Newly procured books for the current year are displayed in the new arrivals rack in the reference section of the Central Library for the users.

Conference Alert service

Forthcoming conferences, seminars, workshops & competition pamphlets & circulars are displayed in the notice board of the Central Library for the information of the users.

CD-ROM Search

Central Library provides CD-ROM search facility for the users. The Central Library has 300 CDs of books and journals maintained by the concerned staff of Central Library.

Question Paper Collection

The Central Library has previous years question papers for U.G. & P.G. courses for reference of the users of the Library. It is maintained by the Assistant Library and Information Officer of the Central Library.

Current Journals and periodicals Section

268 (Two hundred and sixty eight) journals from national and international publishers was subscribed for the year 2011. They are displayed in the display racks subject-wise in alphabetical order.

WHO Publications

A separate section of WHO publications is maintained in the library. There are 2783 WHO publications available in the library and they are displayed in the racks. The Central Library subscribed to WHO Global Subscription Package for a sum of Rs. 50,000/- during the FY 2011-12. An updated catalogue book providing all the WHO publication details is available in the Library and it may be provided on request by the end users.

Thesis Section

There is a separate section for the maintenance of theses and there are about 1900 theses /dissertations arranged according to their accession number and displayed in the racks provided in the Thesis section. An updated reference book containing all the dissertations/theses is maintained in the thesis section which will be available on request by the users.

Online Journals

Out of 268 print version journals subscribed through Total Library Solutions (TLS), the firm offers free online access for 47 print journals published by several foreign publishers.MD Consult an online data base published by Elsevier Science publishers, USA was procured by the Library. MD Consult provides Online access to standard reference books, Yearbooks, Clinics of North America Series, Full text Journal articles published by Elsevier Science publishers, USA, Practical guidelines to physicians in the treatment of several diseases, Patient handouts, Medical News and Drug Information, CME. Thus it provides common platform for accessing a variety of medical resources which are not available in other online databases. JIPMER is one of the member institutions of the e-Journal Consortium of National Medical Library (NML), New Delhi. Through NML about 250 e-Journals were accessed through online (through JIPMER IP address) free of cost.


The library is subscribing to Uptodate an online clinical decision support system assisting clinicians throughout the world in providing best patient care. It is provided by Wolter & Kluwer Health, Gurgoan, India. Uptodate is available via computer or mobile device including an optimized interface for iphone. Information can be accessed by the user at any time when and where it is needed. It is an online resource with an editorial process aimed at improving patient care while at the point of care.

Computer Lab & Internet services

The Central Library has a seminar hall cum computer lab with 31 computer terminals. Internet facility is available free of cost to the users during the working hours.

Audio- visual Services

The seminar hall of the Central Library has modern audio visual services including LCD projectors and sound systems which are made available for other departments to conduct Training programmes, orientation programmes, seminars, conferences and extra classes for B.Sc M.L.T., students and other UG and PG students.

The following academic programmes were conducted in the Library Seminar Hall by various departments during the financial year 2011-12.

The following academic programmes were conducted in the Library Seminar Hall by various departments during the financial year 2011-12.
Sl. No. Organizing Department Date Programme
1 Nursing College On all Saturdays Computer Class for MLT Students
2 Department of Medical Education 18.04.2011 -21.04.2011 III Year P.G. Orientation on Research Methodology
3 Department of Pharmacology 29.04.2011 Practical class for the MBBS IV semester Students
4 OVID SP 06.05.2011 Demonstration of Ovid Sp Platform
5 Department of Pharmacology 12.08.2011- 13.08.2011 Eighth National Workshop on “Basic Techniques in Molecular Biology & Bioinformatics in Pharmacogenomics” (Schedule)
6 Department of Medical Biometrics & Informatics 17.09.2011 Seminar on “Research Designs, Sampling and  Basic Steps involved in project formulation”
7 Establishment Section 01.11.2011- 04.11.2011 Computer Training Programme for Administrative Staff
8 Establishment Section 15.11.2011- 18.11.2011 Computer Training Programme for Administrative Staff
9 Establishment Section 05.12.2011- 09.12.2011 Computer Training Programme for Administrative Staff
10 Establishment Section 19.12.201 – 22.12.2011 Computer Training Programme for Administrative Staff
12 Establishment Section 06.02.2012 -07.02.2012 Computer Training Programme for Administrative Staff
12 Establishment Section 09.02.2012 -10.02.2012 Computer Training Programme for Administrative Staff
13 Establishment Section 27.02.2012- 02.03.2012 Computer Training Programme for Administrative Staff


The Library committee meeting was held on 06.07.2011 under the chairmanship of Dr.K.S. Reddy, Dean and Chairman of Library Committee. The following agenda were taken for discussion and decisions taken accordingly with the approval of the Library Committee members:

  1. Restructuring of current staff position and filling up of vacant posts
  2. Improve the physical infrastructure and library facilities
  3. Upgradation of the utilization of computer lab with internet facility.
  4. Follow up with Library Automation Proposal
  5. Review the current status of books
  6. Procurement of books through Book Exhibition (2011-2012)
  7. Condemnation and disposal of old obsolete books.
  8. Review the current status of journals
  9. Procurement of journals for the year 2012
  10. Review the subscription of online journals.

Book Fair 2011

Books are procured for the library through book exhibition which is conducted in the month of August/September every year. The book exhibition for the financial year 2011-12 was organized from 24.08.2011 to 26.08.2012 at the Banting Hall, JIPMER. 10 nationally reputed book sellers from different states of India took part in the Book Exhibition. A total of 1853 Books were purchased for Central Library, Department Library and Book Bank for SC/ST students.

Future proposals

Two proposals covering Electrical & Civil and Air-conditioning repairs dated 11/8/2009 & 26/10/2009 were submitted to the Administration. The proposals include the following repairs and Glass partitioning in the following areas of the library:

  1. Automation of Library is likely to be implemented during this year.
  2. A proposal for establishing an E-resource centre has been submitted for approval of Standing Finance Committee. If approved it will be established in the thesis section    of the Central Library in addition to existing computer Lab in Journal Section. The main resource forE-resource centre will be the popular online resources Science Direct.
  3. Partitioning of the waiting hall and adjoining areas with glass.
  4. Partitioning of the Book Counter, Reference section, and Journal Section of the library with glass.
  5. Partitioning of the basement of the library with glass
  6. Vinyl Flooring in selected places of the library
  7. Install new air-conditioners (Split A/C)
Statistics for the Year 2011-12
New members      73
Members issued no due certificate    575
User Statistics (Library)
Faculty 982
SRs, JRs 9515
Students 20050
Staff Members 997
Members from other institutes 1203
Total 32748
User Statistics (Computer Centre)
Faculty 132
SRs, JRs 3057
Students 20640
Staff Members 75
Total 23904
Budget (in Rupees)
Books 64,84,044
Journals 1.43 Crore
Online Subscriptions 15,47,438
Binding 1,15,200
Computers 1,20,000
Total Amount utilized 2,25,66,682
Central Library 1365
SC/ST Book Bank 488
Reference books 713
Books transferred to departments 652
Books procured 1853
Total no. of books condemned Approx.15000
Journal Subscriptions
Renewed 268
Unsubscribed 28
Bound volume section
Total no. of bound volumes 33700
New Bound Volumes added 1200
Book Fair
No. of Publishers Participated 10 Firms
Value purchased 64,84,044/-
Income earned under different headings
Overdue Penalty (Rs.) Rs. 1850/-
Book fair entry fee (Rs.) Rs. 1,00,000/-
New facilities added Online subscription of Uptodate

The Central Stores procures and issues most materials required for the hospital and institute other than medicines. The Central Stores consists of the following units: