1. Karyotyping (Chromosomal analysis) : 

    Karyotyping is done on regular basis upon referral from departments of pediatrics and Obstetrics and Gynecology and other departments.

    Type of sample: Peripheral blood

    Equipment: Automated karyotyping system

    Type of reference for karyotyping

    • Ambiguous genitalia
    • Anueploidy
    • Developmental delays
    • Multiple congential anaomalies
    • Primary infertility
  2. Voluntary Whole-body donation Program:

    Voluntary whole-body donations are accepted in the department. Any person above 18 years of age can register themselves as a donor. Whole-body donations can also be by the near relatives after the death of the donor, even without prior registration. Contact Department office for further details: Ph:2298466


    Anatomical Embalming and Embalming for surgical skill training are done in the department.

Last Updated :17-Nov-2022