Lists of ongoing projects:

  1. Localization, Quantification and Comparison of Leptin Receptors in Foetal Small Intestine and Placenta – A Cross Sectional Analytical.
  2. Proportion of Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) C677T and A1298C gene polymorphisms in male partner of Primary infertile couple at tertiary care hospital- A hospital based cross sectional study.
  3. Oxidative status and DNA damage in lymphocyte of patients with chronic pancreatitis and its relationship with ErbB2 gene expression.
  4. Exploration of molecular markers of cellular toxicity induced by yellow phosphorus poisoning in Humans
  5. Micromorphological differences in strong versus ruptured/weak previous caesarean scar in term pregnant women: a case-control study
  6. Anatomical variations of Paranasal air sinuses - A Computed Tomographic study.
  7. Cytogenetic and molecular characterization of Teenage and Young Adult Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia with emphasis on “Philadelphia like” profile.
  8. Topographical Anatomy and Cytoarchitectonic Organization of Speech Areas of Cerebrum in Tamil and Non-Tamil Speaking Subjects.
  9. Assessment of the Macroscopic and Microscopic Features of Ligamentum Mucosum of Knee Joint in Indian Cadavers.
  10. Immunohistochemical demonstration of blood vessel density of ruptured anterior cruciate ligament in patients being operated for reconstruction - A descriptive study.
  11. A randomized intervention study to compare the learning outcomes and cognitive load of ultrasonography and computer tomography based on sectional anatomy among first year medical students.
  12. Comparing the effect of Genelyn® and phenol-glycerine based solutions as a preservative for soft embalming of human cadavers used for surgical skill training- An observational study.
  13. A comparison of the effect of Modified Larssen, Zinc Chloride, Modified Thiel, and Formaldehyde-based embalming solutions on joint range of motion, haptic properties and histomorphology of tissues of human cadavers
  14. Analysis of DNA Damage on Blood Lymphocytes by Comet Assay among Bidi Smoker, Cigarette Smoker, Tobacco Chewer, and Alcoholics
  15. A randomized intervention study to compare the learning outcomes and cognitive load of ultrasonography and computer tomography based on sectional anatomy among first year medical students.
  16. Assessing the histomorphometry and neurovascular pattern of the triangular fibrocartilage complex of the wrist joint: A cadaveric observational study
  17. Competence to complex capability: Analysing the dimensions of teaching among anatomy postgraduate residents: A mixed method study

Lists of completed projects:

  1. Microvasculature profile of cadaveric knee menisci using immunohistochemistry
  2. Morphology and Morphometry of Greater Cardiac Venous system and its variations in adult human hearts by Corrosion Cast Technique.
  3. Evaluation of the elastic tissue changes on umbilical blood vessels and its correlation with umbilical blood flow in preeclampsia. JIP/Res/Intra-MD-MS/Phs1/01/2016-17
  4. Morphometric and Histological analysis of the peroneal tendons in the lateral compartment of the leg. JIP/Dean(R)/Intramural/Phs 1/2019-20.
  5. Assessment of Morphometric characteristics of radiologically normal Lumbar spine in adult population using Computed Tomography (CT) scan at a tertiary care hospital – A Retrospective study.
  6. Association of C677T polymorphism in Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase gene in Pregnant Women with Preeclampsia.
  7. Assessment of foetal DNA in maternal plasma as a marker in early detection of pre-eclampsia.
  8. Assessment of Detection of Rh D status of fetus in Rh D negative mother by non-invasive prenatal diagnostic technique
  9. Assessment of DNA damage and repair capacity in different palliative radiation fractionation schedules in locally advanced oral cavity cancer
  10. Detection of foetal DNA in maternal plasma as a prenatal diagnostic technique
  11. Anatomical Variations of Renal vasculature: CT angiographic study in a Tertiary Care Hospital
  12. Maternal C677T MTHFR genetic polymorphism in children with orofacial clefts
  13. Genetic polymorphisms of maternal MTHFR gene with neural tube birth defects
  14. Topographical Landmarks for identification of Branches of the Mandibular Nerve and its Surgical Implications - a Cadaveric Study
  15. Assessment of DNA damage in patients with psoriasis vulgaris
  16. Morphometric Analysis of the Cervical Sympathetic Chain: A Descriptive Study
  17. Gross and Histological Morphology of Ligamentum Teres Femoris in Human Cadavers – A descriptive Study.
  18. A Morphological and Histological Analysis of the Peroneal Tendons in the Lateral Compartment of the Leg.
  19. Evaluation of the Elastic Tissue Changes in Umbilical Blood Vessels and its Correlation with prenatal Umbilical Blood Flow in Pre-eclampsia.
  20. Study of Vascular Pattern of Human Cadaveric Anterior Cruciate Ligament using Immunohistochemistry
  21. Predictive accuracy of histopathological profile and immunohistochemical markers for the aging of abrasion: An autopsy-based study.
  22. Topographical landmarks for the identification of Lateral Calcaneal Artery and Sural Nerve over the ankle and foot- a descriptive cadaveric study
  23. Assessment of DNA damage and its association with the Plasma Malondialdehyde levels among patients with cervical cancer.
  24. Association of Sperm DNA Fragmentation with Serum Lipid Profile Among Males with Abnormal Semen Parameters
  25. Motivational component profiles in learning embryology: A comparative study between first year and final year students
  26. Morphometric evaluation of cerebral venous system-A digital subtraction angiographic analysis.

Lists of Top Publications:

  1. Aravindhan K, Singh AM. High level bifurcation of common carotid artery with cervical carotid siphon-Indian Journals. J Indian Acad Forensic Med. 2009;31:371
  2. Vidya G, Suma H Y, Vishnu Bhat B, Parkash Chand, Ramachandra Rao K, Harichandra Kumar: Estimation of DNA damage through comet assay in children with congenital heart disease- Case Control study. Current Pediatric Research. 2014; 18(1):1-4
  3. Balachandiran M, Bobby Z, Dorairajan G, Jacob SE, Gladwin V, Vinayagam V, Packirisamy RM. Placental accumulation of triacylglycerols in gestational diabetes mellitus and its association with altered fetal growth are related to the differential expressions of proteins of lipid metabolism. Exp Clin Endocrinol Diabetes. 2021; 129:803-812. doi: 10.1055/a-1017-3182. Epub 2020 Jan 22. PMID: 31968385.
  4. Gnanasekaran D, Veeramani R. Newer insights in the anatomy of superficial palmar arch. Surg Radiol Anat. 2019;41(7):791‐799.doi:10.1007/s00276-019-02223-w
  5. Sarala Devi KV, Sulochana S. Morphology and Anthropometry of Rhomboid Impression of Clavicle and its Clinical Applications – A South Indian Population Study. Acad Anat Int. 2020; 6(2):16-20.
  6. Sandy S, Verma S. Persistent sciatic vein and coexistent neuromuscular variations - a case report. J Morphol Sci. 2021;38:452-5.
  7. Sontakke YA, Akhil J. Changing Art of Anatomy Illustrations. Sch Int J Anat Physiol, 5(3): 55-58
  8. Rajasekhar SSSN, Kumar VD, Raveendranath V, Kalayarasan R, Gnanasekaran S, Pottakkat B, Sivakumar M. Advanced training in laparoscopic gastrointestinal surgical procedures using Genelyn®-embalmed human cadavers: A novel model. J Minim Access Surg. 2021. doi: 10.4103/jmas.JMAS_152_20. [Pubmed, Impact factor: 1.018]
  9. Tamgire DW, Fulzele RR, Chimurkar VK, Rawlani SS, Sherke AR. Qualitative Dermatoglyphic Analysis of Finger Tip Patterns In Patients of Oral Sub Mucous Fibrosis. IOSR Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences 2013;6(5):24-7.
  10. Dinesh Kumar V, Rajprasath R, Priyadharshini N, Murugan M, Devi R. Infusing the axioms of clinical reasoning while designing clinical anatomy case vignettes teaching for novice medical students: a randomized cross-over study. Anat Cell Biol. 2020 Jan; 53: e13.   
Last Updated :13-Mar-2023