Recruitment of Group A, B & C regular posts, Senior Resident, Junior Resident (NPG & NPG Dentistry), Deputation/Contract posts of Group A, B & C. Dealing of Transfers. Sanctioning stipend to all Interns. Sanctioning of O.T. Allowances to Nursing personnel. Sanctioning of all kinds of eligible leave, relieving and issue of service certificates to contract employees. Compassionate appointments. Policy matters regarding recruitment and administrative service matters. Ministry correspondences related with recruitment, promotion, vacancy and allowances. Conveying of Government Orders related to pay and allowances to concerned sections.


Framing/Amendment of Recruitment Rules and Duties and Responsibilities for all cadres except faculty. Creation of various posts of Faculty and Non-faculty. Furnishing information to offline and online RTI Applications.


     Promotion to Group 'A' Non-Faculty, Group.'B' & 'C' Posts. Seniority, MACP, Maintenance of APARs and declaration of Probation & Confirmation.


All the matter relating to Contract/Outsourcing of Housekeeping services, security services, Fireguards services etc.   


Service matters of staff members upto Level-7 (4600 Grade Pay) of Designation

1.      Maintaining of Service Book & Personal file.
2. Sanction of all kinds of leave
3. Pay fixation & Increment
4. Furnishing of LTC Particulars and making entry in the service book

2.      Permissions for studies (Regular), Study leave, conference, meeting, workshop, course, court, NOC for applying / renewal of passport, foreign visits, NOC &Forwarding of applications for various posts outside JIPMER, Issue of circular for annual immovable property, Officiating arrangements, Office order for additional duties.


The following matters dealt by this section for the staff members (Non- Faculty) with grade pay of Rs.4800 & above of designation and Non-Faculty Posts, Junior Residents and Senior Residents: -

1. Maintaining of Service Book & Personal file.
2. Sanction of all kinds of leave
3. Pay fixation & Increment
4. Furnishing of LTC Particulars and making entry in the service book
5. Furnishing of details regarding staff to Community Hall for allotment of Hall.
7. Issuing appointment orders to JR (PG)
8. Sanctioning of Book Allowance to JR (PG)

ADMIN – 4 (Faculty Wing)

     Faculty Recruitment (Both Regular and Contract), Appointment, Probation, Promotion and Seniority, Service matters, Summer and Winter vacations, Grant of permission for purchase of movable and immovable properties, passports, Official and personal visit to foreign countries, Study Purpose etc., Maintenance of all kind of leaves, Pay fixation, increment etc.


     Processing of pension proposals: assessment of qualifying service - average emoluments/emoluments - pension, gratuity, commutation, family pension calculation and nomination of DCRG and pension forms. Pension grievances.


Allotment of quarters to all employees.
Repair and maintenance of all buildings.
All works related to allotment of various business shops in the campus.
All works related project by HLL and CPWD.
Allotment of rooms in Administrative block.


    Provide vehicles for all departments and offices. Maintaining of all Institute vehicles including buses, ambulances and battery vehicles. Ambulances provide for covid-19 patients and shifting of dead bodies.



-          Receive RTI application through online and offline- Forwarding to concerned CPIO’s- Acknowledgement to the applicant replies received from CPIO’s and send them to the applicant.

1st Appeal:-

-          Appeals received from applicant are forwarded to Appellate Authority- Disposal order to the applicants

2nd Appeal:-

-          Attend the hearing before Hon’ble Chief Information Commissioner through video conference, speaking orders disposed to the applicants

Other workers (Optional)

-          Arrange retirement functions before Director every month

-          Condolence meeting for In-service deaths of Staff members

-          Settlement of Staff Benevolent Fund to the retirees


For those cases filed against the institute:
1 Arranging to file reply statement in Courts where cases have been filed against the institute
2 Co-ordinate between the panel advocate and the officers of the institute for discussion to enable the advocate to prepare

   for pleadings
3 Correspondence with the panel advocate and to follow up the court cases
4 Sending the court order to Director’s office and various other sections to comply the directions
5 Put up the panel advocate bill before the Committee for approval and sending them to Accounts Section for passing the


For those cases/ appeal filed by the institute
1 Arranging to prepare the grounds of appeal for those cases for which the decision of the Court is against the institute and the Director has decided to prefer appeal.
2 All other works are found above

1 Issuing Show Cause notice to those officers whom conducts are seemed violation of provisions of CCS (Conduct) Rules.
2 Issuing Charge Sheet to those officers, who did not admit the offence, under CCS (CCA) Rules.
3 Assisting each Enquiry Officers for conducting the enquiry assigned to them
4 Passing final order for the Departmental proceedings
5 Follow-up the appeal preferred by the affected employees

1 Issuing Vigilance Clearance and replying to RTI applications
2 Replying to Ministry, Parliament questions, Prime Minister Office, Audit para, etc.
3 Vetting of MOU, Clinical Trial Agreement, Tender, Work Order, Contract Agreement and offering legal opinion for service matters – all as far as possible; otherwise, send them to advocate
4 Arranging to send reply to the legal notice through our local advocate that are being received from employees and others
5 Numbering the pages of each cases files after disposal and send them to Dept. of Stationery for preservation.


1. Receipt of grievance applications from the stake holders
2. Forwarding of applications to the concerned dept. / section and obtain reply from them.
3. Presenting replies before the Chairman & other members in the committee for approval.
4. Communicate the reply to the individual.
5. Arrangement of meetings.
6. Preparation of minutes of meetings.
7. Maintenance of grievance register.
8. Other related works to be assigned by the Chairman and Member Secretary.


Hindi Section is supporting and assisting for transacting the official work of the union Hindi, as per the guidelines of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India.

ACCOUNTS SECTION-1 (Personal Claims and Budget)

    This section deals with the budget management and expenditure control, preparation of utilization certificate, budget estimates, revised estimates and supplement demands etc.  Preparation of contingent bill for payments with respect to project works, maintenance of bills and facility management. Further preparation of contingent bill for payments related to personal claim of all staff members like TA/DA, Medical Reimbursement, LTC, Reimbursement of telephone bills, Newspaper bills, Learning Resource Allowance, Delegation fee etc., are dealt by this section.


     Related to all departments contingent bills, vendor payment, all Gem bills, all petty cash and imprest, all departments condemnation (costly & non-costly), hll diesel bill, all AMC/CMC bill, all capital expenditures bills, Outsourcing bills (SMC,UDS, SECURITY,DRL&COLLIES),All Departments Xerox bill/POL bill, refund of EMD/SECURITY DEPOSIT, Receipt &Despatch


     Preparing Monthly salary bills and arrear bills, Processing of HRA application, Conveyance, Payment of Tuition fees, Payment of all Honorarium/Remuneration, Calculation of Income Tax, RTI and other pay and allowance related works. Tallying of overall salary bills and preparation of Net Amount statement and Tallying of Non-Government recoveries.


     Preparation/Claim of Salary bills for Group B & C staff members, along with contract salaries, MBBS/B.Sc Interns stipend, Junior Residents (Foreign Nationals) salaries.  Calculation of Income Tax, GPF Advance recoveries.  All arrears bills are prepared and are booked through PFMS. Claim of Briefcase Allowances and Tuition Fees are done. RTI reply also given. Bill for pensioner benefits after retirement are also prepared. Issuing of salary certificate for getting loan from JIPMER Staff Credit Society.


     Bill passing Section scrutinizing and passing the bills for payment through PFMS web portal and through ECS in respect of all pay and allowance, arrear bill, medical reimbursement bill, GPF bill, etc., for all the employees (Both Regular and Contract) of JIPMER Puducherry and JIPMER Karaikal from Pay Bills section. And also contingent bills of all the departmental works and research activity works in JIPMER Puducherry and JIPMER Karaikal from Accounts Section and Finance Wing.


GPF- Processing of Advance/Withdrawal, Final settlement of GPF, NPS- Enrolment, Partial Withdrawal, Exit Withdrawals


Research Projects, Payment, Insurance Bills payment, Revenue account maintenance, Pension Disbursement.


1. Coordination of following Audits:
(1) Transaction audit
(2) Certification Audit
(3) Internal/Ministry Audit
(4) Thematic Audit
(5) Pilot Performance Audit
(6) Special Audit
2. Corresponding reply matters with Ministry & CAG.
3. Corresponding of SAR & Laying of Annual Reports in Parliament.
4. Co-ordination and Support to In-house Chartered Accountants.
5. Collecting & support to file the GST-returns every month.
6. Stocking and maintenance of All Vouchers at the end.
7. Pursuing / Handling of Draft Audit Para.
8. Processing of Annual Fee for In-house chartered Accountants (CA) & Subscription of
Tally Software and Services matters also.
9. Supporting works to CA for to the closing of Annual financial Statements (Balance
sheet) every year.
10. Processing RTI matters.
11. Other regular/routine Office works.
12. Any other works assigned by the Officers from time to time.


     System Strengthening, Financial Compliance, Performance review and capacity Building. (Post audit, Physical verification of stores, Investigation of important areas in accounting and other connected records and periodical review of all accounts etc.,)


Collection of Receipt (by cash, card, DD & Cheque

Disbursement of Cash to various sections (Temporary advance/ Permanent advance)

Safe custody of F.D’s

Preparation & Booking of Refund like Caution deposit, Revenue refund

Maintenance of Registers & Cash book- 11 nos.

Nil bill (permanent advance) adjustment

Daily collection of hospital cash

Monthly & Yearly closing of cash book & valuable register

Challan preparation, remittance in bank & maintenance for Audit

Maintenance of Non Govt. register, remittance of Non Govt. recovery (court, LIC & professional tax)

Salary cheque maintenance, cheque encashment & remittance


     Procurement of Drugs, Consumables, Non. Consumables, Machineries & Equipments through GeM, Open eTender through CPP Portal(ePublishing) and Limitted Tender, AMC/CAMC for Machineries & Equipments, Convening ERRC, EPC, ISAPC, HSAPC and PAC/RRC Committee Meeting for Procurement of above said goods.




Working as Liaison between Director office and Hospital departments
Providing reply to RTI, Parliamentary questions, complaints, public grievances and summons
Processing of RAN scheme claims
Issuing circulars to Hospital departments reg. SOPs, Duties to various staff, and various Hospital activities
Issuing NOC for investigations and procedures for Medical claim purpose
Maintaining leave particulars of Medical officers, Nursing personnel and JR(NPG)
Appointment and maintenance of records of Nursing interns
Arranging Medical Board for Academic and Recruitment purposes
Issuing Disability certificates
Constitution of Medical board for VVIP visits and local functions headed by Govt. officials