Research projects completed:

  • ICMR STS Project 2018: Devashree, Syed ShehnazIlyas. Factorsdriving self-medicationwithantibioticsin Karaikal,Puducherry
  • ICMR STS Project 2019: DhanusreePalivela, Dr. Syed Shehnaz Ilyas. Factors affecting non-compliance with Iron-Folic Acid supplementation among pregnant women in Puducherry.
  • Faculty Project- Dr. R.P. Priyadharsini-Assessment of antibiotic prescribing pattern in a tertiary care hospital
  • ICMR STS project 2019: Ms. Dilleswary , Dr. R. P. Priyadharsini. Prevalence of tuberculosis and diabetes comorbidity in patients attending secondary healthcare hospital – A Retrospective study

Published research from Karaikalin 2020:

  • Priyadharsini RP, Kesavan R. Antibiotic prescribing pattern among paediatric patients attending tertiary care hospital in South India. Int J Basic Clin Pharmacol2020;9:1028-31
  • Priyadharsini RP, DivyaShanthi CM. Therapeutic drug targets for COVID 19. Int J Basic Clin Pharmacol2020;9:1469-74.
  • DivyaShanthi CM, Priyadharsini RP. Pharmacology gamified. In: Zayapragassarazan Z, Kumar S, Kadambari D, Dineshkumar V (eds). Effective educational practices in health. Alumni association of NTTC,Puducherry, p173-5;2020
Last Updated :22-Dec-2020